Lycaon’s new look!

Info Band: Lycaon Formed: 2008 Members Vocal: Yuuki (悠希) Guitar: Satoshi (サトシ) Guitar: Rito ( リト) Bass: Hiyuu (緋遊) Drums: Ichirou (一朗) []

New look: An Cafe

Info Band: An Cafe Formed: 2003 Members: Vocal: Miku (みく) Guitar: Takuya (たくや) Bass: Kanon (カノン) Keyboard: Yuuki (ゆうき) Drums: Teruki (輝喜) []

Me at the An Cafe concert

The legendary hammer of Miku… I saw a movie from the An Cafe concert at Neko’s blog and decided to steal it since it got such good quality. An lo and behold – I’m in the movie!!! o(≧∀≦)o Only for a second, but hey – at least it’s something. At 1:21, you see a happy face to the right, right under Miku’s hammer. Yes, that’s me. ^^   Miku’s about to throw Pippi Longstockings to the wolves…