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KRAD’s new look!

KRAD Debut: April 6th 2015 Note: All members are ex-SHEDIA members! Vocal: sou (宗) Guitar: mayu (繭) Bass: yuu (悠) Drums: mitsume []

Neverland’s new look!

Neverland Debut: July 31st 2012 Vocals: Ryouta (涼太) Guitar: Kazuki (一輝) Bass: Tera (てら) Drums: Kohaku (琥珀) Ryouta Ryouta Ryouta: AB Ryouta: []


NEVILIA started up as a session band with the tasteful name “necrophilia” (ネクロフィリア). They changed into the formal band “NEVILIA” in May and []

Codomo Dragon’s new look!

Codomo Dragon (コドモドラゴン) Formed: 2010 Vocals: hayato (ハヤト) Guitar: kana (華那) Guitar: yume (ゆめ) Bass: meN-meN Drums: chamu (チャム) hayato hayato hayato: []

SAVAGE’s new look!

SAVAGE Debut: Aug 29th 2013 Vocal: Ryuuka (龍華) Guitar: Takeru (猛) Bass: JUN Drums: Ayuto Ryuuka Ryuuka Ryuuka: O Ryuuka: March 18th []

DictavE’s new look!

DictavE Debut: Aug 1st 2014 Vocal: mizki (瑞希) Guitar: tsuno Guitar: kila (キラ) Bass: toshiya (隼耶)    mizki mizki mizki: B mizki: []

AIRIS’ new look!

AIRIS Formed: December 23rd 2015         Vocal: rei (レイ) Guitar: hisana (緋真) Bass: YASU Drums: Layla rei rei: AB rei: []

NIA’s new look!

NIA Debut: Nov 12th 2012 (as ANSIA) Changed name to NIA: Nov 11th 2015 Vocal: Tatsuki (樹) Guitar: Jin (恁) Bass: Kouhei []


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