A9’s new look!

A9 / Alice Nine Debut: April 2004 Vocal: Shou Guitar: Hiroto Guitar: Tora Bass: Saga Drums: Nao 7/5 5/4 9/17 6/24 7/31 1981 []

kuchinashi has disbanded.

kuchinashi lost their vocalist on September 5th last year and announced disbandment today (on September 5th 2017). kuchinashi (クチナシ) Debut: October 12th 2015 []

contrarie’s new look!

contrarie (コントラリエ) Started as: session band “NoName” Changed to formal band “contrarie”: April 1st 2016 Live debut as contrarie: April 13th 2016 Vocal: bon (ぼん。) July 12th []