凛(lin) -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD- will resume activities!

I’m absolutely ecstatic, such wonderful news!!! 凛(lin) has been on indefinitely hiatus since June 30th 2013, but now it’s announced that a 2nd line-up of the band will hold lives in Tokyo (June 1st) and Osaka (June 11th). I truly hope we will see more of them! Info Band: LIN (凛) -the end of corruption world- Status: On indefinite hiatus since June 30th 2013 Formed: 2010 Members Vocal: Riku Guitar: Mizuki Guitar: Kanata Bass. Kisaki Drums: Reiya Web LIN (凛) Official Webpage []

Happy Birthday Iori!

Happy Birthday Iori, guitarist of ex-Phantasmagoria! You turn 30 today! Info Band: Phantasmagoria Formed: 2004 Current: Disbanded since 2013 Members Vocal: Riku []

* PROFILE Lydiar

Lydiar Lydiar Debut: April 3rd 2015 Disband: November 6th 2016         Vocal: Coyomi (暦) Guitar: mashu (茉柊) Bass: riku (りく) Drums: junya (純弥) Coyomi Coyomi Coyomi: A Coyomi: March 24th mashu mashu mashu: O mashu: Sept 21st riku riku riku: AB riku: April 11th junya junya junya: O junya: March 15th Member History: Vo. XX → Gt. XX → Gt. XX → Ba. XX → Dr. junya → Lydiar → Asty

* PROFILE Mediena メディーナ

Mediena Mediena (メディーナ) Debut: January 22nd 2015 Disband: September 11th 2016 Vocal: ryo Guitar: keito (景斗) Guitar: rei (玲) Bass: tooka (十花) Drums: mizuki (水貴) ryo: A ryo: Feb 26th keito: A keito: Nov 23rd rei: A rei: July 12th tooka: B tooka: June 21st mizuki: AB mizuki: Oct 5th Member History Vo. ryo → MiLLa → Mediena → Virge taishi → izanagi → ArcDeaR(support) → MiLLa(taishi) → mediena(rei) → ?