Nihilizm will disband.

Bad news. First of all, Nihilizm’s guitarist mike departed in May. Second of all, Nihilizm have announced that they will disband on December []

ELM’s new look!

ELM (エルム) Debut: Feb 19th 2009 Disband: February 22nd 2017 Vocal: Jekyll Guitar: Kei Guitar: Rua (琉杏) Bass: 27 -NINA- Drums: Boogie []

Merry’s new look!

Merry (メリー) Formed: 2001 Vocal: Gara (ガラ) Guitar: Yuu (結生) Guitar: Kenichi (健一) Bass: Tetsu (テツ) Drums: Nero (ネロ) Gara: A Gara: []