* PROFILE Synk;yet

Synk;yet Synk;yet (シンクイェット) Formed: 2011 Indefinite hiatus: May 21st 2017 Vocal: Liki Nov 19th A Guitar: Yuiha May 16th ? Bass: Shiori []


VANIRU VANIRU Formed: 2013 Vocal: LEONEIL Nov 17th Member History Vo. LEONEIL → VANIRU Former members: Gt. YUTO → VANIRU → ?


SERAPH SERAPH (Shinya solo project) Solo career start: March 31st 2017 Artist: Shinya Feb 24th 1978 B Member History Dr. Shinya→ Siva → []


VELVET EDEN VELVET EDEN Formed: 1998 Disband: March 12th 2016 Vocal: DADA Bass:Chro Dada Member History Vo. Mimi → VELVET EDEN → THE VELVET(Ba→Vo) Gt. BERA → VELVET EDEN → THE VELVET Vo. Reina → THE VELVET → ADOLF Dr. LEM → VELVET EDEN → THE VELVET → THE VELVET(support) → ? Former members: Keyboard: Hora → VELVET EDEN → Rudolf Steiner → Schwarz Stein → solo → Schwarz Stein


MUKURO MUKURO Formed: 2014 Disband: October 28th 2016 Vocal: howl (ハウル) Sep 24th O Guitar: iroha (いろは) March 29th A Guitar: ruu (流雨) April 21st []

* PROFILE Luccica

Luccica Luccica Debut: July 15th 2015 Disband: April 14th 2016 Vocal: Seiya Guitar: nozomi (希) Bass: Jyun Drums: TACK Seiya Seiya Seiya: ? Seiya: July 1st nozomi nozomi nozomi: A nozomi: Feb 8th Jyun Jyun Jyun: AB Jyun: June 14th TACK TACK TACK: B TACK: June 16th Member History Gt. nozomi → Luccica → ramiel(nozomi) → mathilda(Ichigo Jam) Dr. TACK → Luccica(TACK) → ramiel(itsuki)


Under construction… Member History Vo. Gackt → cains:feel!(Dr→Vo) → MALICE MIZER → Gackt(solo) → GACKT(solo), S.K.I.N., YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz → GACKT(solo) Gt. Sugizo → PINOCCHIO → []

* PROFILE Machigerita

Machigerita Machigerita (マチゲリータ) Real name: Daisuke Kuchiki Also known as: CUBElab and CANDYBOY (as a DJ) Active since: 2006 Note: Machigerita is known for creating horror music []


MONO MONO Formed: 1999 Members: Guitar: Takaakira “Taka” Goto Guitar: Yoda Bass & Piano: Tamaki Drums: Yasunori Takada

* PROFILE Malice invitation

Malice invitation Malice invitation Debut: March 9th 2014 Hiatus: July 28th 2016         Vocal: RYT Guitar: tenten (てんてん) Guitar: Yura Bass: Chikusa (千種) departs: 2016/01/07 Member History Vo. RYT → Malice invitation(RYT) → Tasogare ni Naku.(solo) → Nurié(Oosumi Ryuutarou) Ba. chikusa → Malice invitation(chikusa) → gore(inose) → CLACK inc.(Hakuya) → OGYAA → Doku