I think I’m going obsessed with 12012… Their music is too darn magnificent!!! And something makes me very interested in knowing more []

* PROFILE Lacroix Despheres

Lacroix Despheres Lacroix Despheres Formed: 2006 Sound: Symphonic Jrock Vocal: Sho Soprano Vocal: Saya Guitar: Pegeot Flute: Mizuki Oboe: Satomi       Sho: June 27th Saya: Aug 4th Pegeot: Oct 18th Mizuki: June 28th Satomi: Feb 28th


Doukoku (慟哭~doukoku ~) Formed: 2011 Name: “Doukoku” means “a cry of feelings you can’t put into words” Note: Ryusuke and Fumiya are brothers []


XYLORiDE XYLORiDE First release: 2014 Disband: January 28th 2016 Vocal: XiAN Guitar: TAIGA Guitar: Lyon (克季) Bass: Yu-ta Drums: HiBiKi    XiAN XiAN XiAN: AB XiAN: Nov 11th TAIGA TAIGA TAIGA : AB TAIGA : Jan 22nd Lyon Lyon Lyon: O Lyon: May 5th Yu-ta Yu-ta Yu-ta: ? Yu-ta: Nov 29th HiBiKi HiBiKi HiBiKi: ? HiBiKi: ? Member History Vo. XiAN → XYLORiDE → BRATBAX → ? Gt. TAIGA→ GIRLISH×CRY → XYLORiDE(TAIGA) → BRATBAX → ? Gt. katsuki → GALLERY FAKE(support)→ ArcDeaR → Veled(support)→ XYLORiDE(Lyon→katsuki) → BRATBAX → ? Ba. Yu-ta → GALLERY FAKE []


Profile Band: RUVISH Debut: May 5th 2012 Disband: March 19th 2016 Members Vocal: reon (レオン) Guitar: haruki (晴樹) Guitar: HIRO Bass: yuhsuke Web RUVISH Official Webpage RUVISH Official YouTube Other posts about RUVISH on my blog RUVISH Blog Twitter Blood-type Birthday reon reon reon: AB reon: June 11th haruki haruki haruki: O haruki: April 22nd HIRO HIRO HIRO: O HIRO: July 31st yuhsuke yuhsuke yuhsuke: O yuhsuke: June 24th Member History Vo. REON → RUVISH → CHOKE Ba. yuhsuke → PuNkurea → Shelly Trip Realize(support) → Shelly Trip []

* PROFILE Ruellia

Ruellia Ruellia (ルエリア) Debut: March 1999 Disbanded: December 22nd 2000 Comeback debut: May 3rd 2014 Vocal: iria (イリア) Dec 29th AB Guitar: azana []