Death Note

I always watch something on the computer before I go to sleep. It’s my “sleeping pill”. (Yes, I have a computer at []

Noh theater

Zomg, May’s gonna be a pretty busy and expensive month. But it will be so great, I’m really looking forward to it! []

Seth et Holth

Yesterday, I decided to watch “Seth et Holth”, since I hadn’t seen it before. Seth et Holth is a short movie from []

Cockayne soup

I’m a “little bit” annoyed at the moment since I’ve realized that The Gazette will have a concert in Japan the 18th []

BeNippon dolls

Hey Otakus! I’ve found the cutest dolls at I don’t really collect nicknacks (stuff must have function, that’s my principle) but []

Kanon sings

Let’s hear Kanon sing about cherry blossoms… ^^ “Sakura~ sakura~ ima saki hokoru~” (cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, now fully bloom~)