BeNippon dolls

Hey Otakus! I’ve found the cutest dolls at I don’t really collect nicknacks (stuff must have function, that’s my principle) but []

Kanon sings

Let’s hear Kanon sing about cherry blossoms… ^^ “Sakura~ sakura~ ima saki hokoru~” (cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, now fully bloom~)  

Me at the An Cafe concert

The legendary hammer of Miku… I saw a movie from the An Cafe concert at Neko’s blog and decided to steal it since it got such good quality. An lo and behold – I’m in the movie!!! o(≧∀≦)o Only for a second, but hey – at least it’s something. At 1:21, you see a happy face to the right, right under Miku’s hammer. Yes, that’s me. ^^   Miku’s about to throw Pippi Longstockings to the wolves…  


I told you about Harajuku in a previous enter. That’s one of my goal destinations in Japan this summer. Another place in []