I’ve been listening to a lot to GPKISM lately. The song Illuminatum seemed to harmonize all elements in the world; the raindrops, []


Ureshii!!! I’m so… happy happy happy! Unsraw comes to Sweden February the 5th 2010. Guess who’s gonna buy her ticket friday morning? []


So I’ve started to watch this “Lain” anime. I’ve seen the first three episodes (layers) – of thirteen – tonight and I []


XENON XENON Debut: August 24th 2009 Disband: May 31st 2016 Vocal: Leo (獅子) Guitar: Aki (アキ) Bass: Tetsuya (テツヤ) Drums: Kurono (クロノ) Leo Leo Leo: A Leo: May 11th Aki Aki Aki: A Aki: April 23rd Tetsuya Tetsuya Tetsuya: A Tetsuya: April 23rd Kurono Kurono Kurono: AB Kurono: Jan 17th