XENON XENON Debut: August 24th 2009 Disband: May 31st 2016 Vocal: Leo (獅子) Guitar: Aki (アキ) Bass: Tetsuya (テツヤ) Drums: Kurono (クロノ) Leo Leo Leo: A Leo: May 11th Aki Aki Aki: A Aki: April 23rd Tetsuya Tetsuya Tetsuya: A Tetsuya: April 23rd Kurono Kurono Kurono: AB Kurono: Jan 17th

Back to Osaka

We went back to Osaka this day. It felt very strange, knowing that our departure was approaching. I began to feel a []

Osaka castle

This day, me, Josefin and Hide headed to Osaka Castle, one of the most famous Japanese castles. It was built during the []