Kuroshitsuji and yaoi

I knew that GazettE’s song “Shiver” has been used as a theme song for an anime, but I haven’t really been looking more deeply into it. But now I have watched some teasers and are curious. Is it a yaoi? Or isn’t it? I’ve been searching for a good yaoi anime. (I don’t like the standard concept, you know, with that aggressive, older man who dominates a weak 12-year-old-looking boy… uh, no, not my cup of tea at all. I’m looking for []


The competition has ended and Plunklock won with 37726 votes! Good job everybody, we have fulfilled the boys dream! ^^ Shonenki came []

Messy love

Morning-routines is important! – Ohaio Gozaimasu Boobie-Rocky! (1) – Good morning Stormy! (2) – Ohaio Shizuoka Kitty! (3) – God morgon Fluff-Löken! []