Day 3: Princess for 1 hour in MaiDreamin

Ever since first time I heard about Japanese maid cafes, I wanted to visit one. Maid cafes is a sort of cosplay restaurants that have grown especially popular in areas like Akihabara. Originally these cafes were designed to attract the fantasies of so called “otakus”; Japanese “nerds” (mostly males) who are obsessive fans of video games, manga and anime. When you become a costumer of a maid cafe, you will be entitled as master (if you’re a male) or as a mistress []

DAY 2: Roppongi and Laforet

It’s been a rainy day, but not that cold though. I spent all morning in Harajuku and on Takeshita Street for a crazy and unruly shopping spree, but now I had to take care of some serious stuff… I noticed this morning that… lo and behold… the worst thing imagined had happened to me. MY HAIR FLAT IRON WAS BROKEN! *lol* Well, if I don’t flatiron my hair, people might mistaken me for a troll, so I really had to do something []

Overworld gig at Dieselverkstand

Me, Tim and Babak went to Dieselverkstan to see Overworld perform. I’ve met some of the members at different occasion so I thought it would be fun to see them perform live. I also think they make pretty good music! They were really good! I’m very impressed. Overworld is surely a promising band and I look forward to follow their progress.

Kuroshitsuji and yaoi

I knew that GazettE’s song “Shiver” has been used as a theme song for an anime, but I haven’t really been looking more deeply into it. But now I have watched some teasers and are curious. Is it a yaoi? Or isn’t it? I’ve been searching for a good yaoi anime. (I don’t like the standard concept, you know, with that aggressive, older man who dominates a weak 12-year-old-looking boy… uh, no, not my cup of tea at all. I’m looking for []