* PROFILE Crack6

Crack6 Crack6 Note: Crack6 is the solo project of PENICILLIN guitarist Chisato. Solo project: Crack6 Activity started: June 6th 2003 Artist: MSTR (Chisato -千聖- from PENICILLIN) Members: Vocal&Guitar: MSTR Guitar & Sound Producer : SHIGE ROCKS Guitar & Chorus : U6 (結 from Love A sense) Bass & Chorus: TENZIXX (長野 典二 from everset) Drums:JIRO 6 (O-JIRO from PENICILLIN) Member History Gt. Chisato → PENICILLIN, Crack 6


MEGAMASSO MEGAMASSO (メガマソ) Debut: December 16th 2006 Hiatus: December 16th 2015 Comeback: December 10th 2016 Vocal: Inzargi (インザーギ) Oct 17th ? Guitar: []


NvM NvM Debut: June 21st 2015  Vocal: tomo (朋) Dec 27th B Guitar: KEN Oct 6th AB Member History Vo. tomo → Schizothymia → NvM Gt. []


  GE+IM GE+IM Debut: November 14th 2015 Name: Naoki Artist name:  Dr. GE+IM Project: GE+IM Birthday: March 30th Bloodtype: O Member History Vo. naoki → []

* PROFILE ramiel

ramiel ramiel (ラミエル) Formed: September 30th 2016 Vocal: hiziri (聖) May 16th O Guitar: nozomi (希) Feb 8th A Bass: tsukasa (司) Oct []

* PROFILE lynch

lynch. lynch. Debut: August 2014 Temporary hiatus: November 2016 Comeback: February 2017 Vocal: Hazuki (葉月) Dec 10th 1982 B Lead Guitar: Reo (玲央) []