unfate (アンフェイト) [DISBANDED] Started as continual session band: un.fate Session band debut: August 10th 2016 Changed to formal band “unfate”: March 6th 2017 Disband: September 6th []

kuchinashi has disbanded.

kuchinashi lost their vocalist on September 5th last year and announced disbandment today (on September 5th 2017). kuchinashi (クチナシ) Debut: October 12th 2015 []

BugLug’s new look!

BugLug Debut: December 19th 2009 Vocal: Issei (一聖) Guitar: Kazuki (一樹) Guitar: Yuu (優) Bass: Tsubame (燕) Drums: Masaumi (将海) 5/7 10/17 6/25 []