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ENVYL (エンヴィル) Debut: April 29th 2019 Vocal: SHADE (シェイド) Guitar: MUKURO (紫黒) Guitar: RUI Bass: KAIN (カイン) Drums: MAYA (まや) 2/14 1/2 []

BAND PROFILE: Dammitland

Dammitland (ダミットランド) Formed:April 16th 2019 Debut: June 27th 2019 Vocal: 9suke (9助) Guitar: P (りん) Guitar: maa (魔嗚呼) Bass: KAZUKI 8/18 2/6 []

April fools

This page contained a fake post that was posted on April 1st as an April Fools. Nothing of it was true. Tsuzuku []