Me in Japan

DAY 2: Roppongi and Laforet

It’s been a rainy day, but not that cold though. I spent all morning in Harajuku and on Takeshita Street for a crazy and unruly shopping spree, but now I had to take care of some serious stuff… I noticed this morning that… lo and behold… the worst thing imagined had happened to me. MY HAIR FLAT IRON WAS BROKEN! *lol* Well, if I don’t flatiron my hair, people might mistaken me for a troll, so I really had to do something []

Back to Osaka

We went back to Osaka this day. It felt very strange, knowing that our departure was approaching. I began to feel a []

Osaka castle

This day, me, Josefin and Hide headed to Osaka Castle, one of the most famous Japanese castles. It was built during the []