LOG (ログ)

LOG will disband

LOG will disband within a few days (March 27th). The reason behind the decision seems to be differences between the members. LOG (ログ) []


LOG (ログ) Please see more details about the XXX here! LOG (ログ) Debut: 2014 Disband: March 27th 2016 Vocal: Vambi Guitar: NARUMI Guitar: RUMINA Bass: Yuki (優希) Vambi Vambi Vambi: B Vambi: July 10th NARUMI NARUMI NARUMI: AB NARUMI: Aug 19th RUMINA RUMINA RUMINA: AB RUMINA: July 29th Yuki Yuki Yuki: ? Yuki: Feb 23rd Member History Gt. RUMINA → CARRY → nancy → LOG-ログ- → GARAK’S → Belle Gt. NARUMI → LOG-ログ- → GARAK’S → ? Ba. Yuki → LOG-ログ- → Asty