* PROFILE Versailles

Versailles Versailles Formed: 2007 Hiatus since: 2012 Revived: August 7th 2016 Vocal: KAMIJO Guitar: HIZAKI Guitar: TERU Bass: MASASHI Drums: YUKI Eternal member: Bass: Jasmine You Born: March 8th 1979 Dead: Aug 9th 2009 KAMIJO KAMIJO KAMIJO: O KAMIJO: July 19th 1975 HIZAKI HIZAKI: AB HIZAKI: Feb 17th 1979 TERU TERU TERU: O TERU: April 10th 1981 MASASHI MASASHI: O MASASHI: April 25th YUKI YUKI: A YUKI: Feb 18th

I was there!

Live report of the Versailles concert in London. I was there! ^^ Read it here: Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- World Tour – Holy []


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