GREMLINS’ new look

GREMLINS Members: Hitsugi (Nightmare) KENZO (ex. AYABIE). Support-members: Mizuki (guitar, Sadie) Chiyu (bass, SuG) Profile Band: GREMLINS Debut: 2013 Members Vocal and []


GREMLINS Profile Debut: 2013 Vocal and Guitar: Hits (Hitsugi in NIGHTMARE) Drums: KNZ (ex.AYABIE) Support guitar: Mizuki ( 美月) (Sadie) Support bass: Chiyu (SuG) Webpage Hits Hits Hits: AB Hits: March 5th KNZ KNZ KNZ: A KNZ: Dec 9th 1982 Mizuki Mizuki Mizuki: B Mizuki: Jan 8th Chiyu Chiyu Chiyu: O Chiyu: Dec 27th


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