1.1 Bands & Artists

Aiolin’s new look!

Did you know that Aiolin’s vocalist Hikarito and bassist reis will participate as support members in NOAH’s (ex-Avanchick) new project? Aiolin (アイオリン) []

MEGAMASSO’s new and last look!

MEGAMASSO (メガマソ) Debut: December 16th 2006 Hiatus: December 16th 2015 Comeback: December 10th 2016 Disband: November 23rd 2017 Vocal: Inzargi (インザーギ) Guitar: Ryouhei []

Ensoku’s new look!

Ensoku (えんそく) Debut: August 25th 2005 Vocal: Buu (ぶう) Guitar: Kuraosu Yusuke (クラオカユウスケ) Guitar: Joe Bass: Mido (ミド) 3/13 5/31 8/4 6/7 AB []

JILL-PRINCE’s new look!

JILL-PRINCE Debut: September 16th 2016 Vocal: takahiro (たかひろ) Guitar: kazuya (和也) Guitar: Reiya (麗也) Bass: kou Drums: SYO 6/4 9/28 6/8 11/21 3/31 []