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UNiTE.’s new look!

UNiTE. (ユナイト) Debut: March 29th 2011 Alter ego band: kuro unite (黒ユナイト) Vocal: Yui (結) Guitar: Shiina Mio (椎名未緒) Guitar: LiN Bass: []

kanata leaves Roub.

Roub’s drummer kanata will depart on December 31st due to differences in direction. Roub Note: Formerly known as VALIANT:CODE Debut as VALIANT:CODE: August []


amanjaku. (アマンジャク。) [DISBANDED] Formed: May 27th 2016 Note: started as limited period project “kikenbunshi” Disband: December 13th 2017 Vocal: annie (アニィ) Guitar: kazuma (和真) []

REVINE will disband.

No. Nononononononooo. REVINE will disband on February 2nd. I’m really disappointed since I’ve been listening a lot to them lately and hoped []