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  1. I have been checking the anime section… it’s hard to recommend something to someone who has seen a lot of anime already but, if you haven’t done it already… why don’t you give a try to SAO – Sword Art Online.
    I liked it (mostly the first half) and it made me thought you would like it too 🙂


  2. Hi. You have a cool site. Love the hide-chan posts. 🙂
    I wanted to let you know that the hide grave isn’t closed! In fact, it was never closed, the official site only warns people that it might close should the disturbances continue. So luckily fans can continue to visit!
    I also wanted to ask if you could please credit my hide vs Kyo interview? I know it gets reposted a lot, but I’d really appreciate a link back: http://nopperabou.net/hide-index/vicious-jan1995hidekyo.htm

    If you’re curious, I also have a translated version of the hide-city message re: hide’s grave: http://nopperabounet.tumblr.com/post/44306617617/hides-grave-vandalized

    • Hi, and thank you for the information!
      I found the Hide/Kyo interview on another page, but of course I will put a link to you original. Thanks for you translation-work!

      And I’m very glad that the grave still is open for visitors!

  3. I found this blog a few days ago and have been enjoying reading through it. And then I got really excited when I saw that you work on Candy Crush Saga, I’m kind of addicted to that game :). Anyways, I just thought I’d let you know that I enjoy your blog.

    • It makes me glad to hear! Both that you read this blog and that you like Candy Crush Saga. We have been working – and still work – hard on it. ^^ I like to play it myself. 🙂

  4. Just found your blog. Loved the pics of Atsushi Sakurai with Yoshiki. First time I saw these series of photos in their entirety. LOVE, LOVE the gorgeous Atsushi Sakurai and Buck Tick. Envy you your trips to Japan. Though I do plan to make a trip to Japan in the very near future to catch Buck Tick in concert. More or less given up the hope they will ever tour North America!

    • How great to meet another person who shares my fascination for Sakurai! 😀 I just love Buck-Tick and Sakurai is sooooo handsome. ^^ i hope you’ll get the chance to visit Japan soon and just like you I would love to see Buck-Tick live.

      • Thanks! Am definitely following your blog. Keeping fingers crossed I’ll be able to see Sakurai and Buck Tick Live soon. Even became a Fish Tanker and joined Buck Tick Fish Tank Club! Meanwhile, will just keep dreaming of that rich seductive baritone voice and that so ridiculously good looking front man!

  5. hi iona, while searching for some L’Arc’s latest photo the internet brought me here…saw your blog and i was like “wow!!she’s amazing!!”..hope i can be like you, who can really share all her best for her passion to japanese music and love for the artists..ganbatte iona chan ^_^

  6. Just discovered Koichi of MEJIBRAY . How independent is he from the rest of the band? Very cool romantic goth sound and very different from MEJIBRAY. Thanks for your blog it opens my eyes and ears.

    • I don’t know how indipendent Koichi is, I only know him as a member of Mejibray. 🙂 Maybe that’s something I should look into. 🙂

  7. We have a lot of Magpies in Taos. They have very beautiful blue feathers under their black ones. Black contains all the colors in reflection and white contains all the colors in transmission.

  8. Great blog, you have a great writing style and interesting subject material. With anime, have you seen Vividred Operation? My wife and I just finished watching it and thought it was one of the cutest one’s we’ve ever seen!

  9. Taos is a small town North of Santa Fe in New Mexico. It is traditionally the home of the Taos Pueblo, 1,500 years of inhabitantance by the descendants of the Anasazi People. Spanish arrived in the 1500’s. It became an artist colony in the beginning of the 20th century. Hippies arrived around the time of Easy Rider. I arrived from Oakland/San Francisco in 2004.

  10. I have started a radio show called “Tune In Tokyo-Taos Calling”. It is all J-pop, J-Rock and K-pop. It is 2 hours once a week on Saturday 3-5 mountain time and streams at http://truetaosradio.com/ from Taos New Mexico . I also set up a Facebook page to post the play list and other information and a Youtube channel to play the videos of all the music covered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMs1TPiB7r8&list=PLV6xh71NwJFK9-DFQ5jCx7yhFbME5cZXt . The first couple of shows will be a wide overview of what has been going on in Asian contemporary music, then I will focus on specific groups, genres and trends. You have been such a great source of information and I will share your link on my page. I am doing the first show today. I may eventual set up a blog on wordpress when I have time to figure it out but for now Facebook works for what I need. I hope you will friend my page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tune-in-Tokyo-Taos-Calling/612290115549660?sk=timeline.

  11. I’ve been doing a radio show called Tune In Tokyo-Taos Calling for two years covering music from Japan and Korea and a few other countries. I know very few people cross over between the different styles but I love it all for different reasons. I’ve posted 84 podcasts and reached more than 50 countries. My last broadcast will be Saturday Nov. 5 which is Guy Fwakes Day. I want to thank you and all the communities out there who have helped me explore all the fantastic music being created in Japan, Korea and Asia in general. I’m 65 and music has always been central in my life. I will continue to follow Japan and South Korea because I love the music and I think it is the best being created in the world today. I will still continue to podcast the show in the future because I just love to share music that i think is really good. Keep it up, music will always change but it will never fail you if you keep moving forward with it. Love ya!

    Playlist #71 Tune In Tokyo-Taos Calling

    1. Swing It Shorty (Intro) / Brown Eyed Girls
    2. Don’t Cry / 2Ne1
    3. Whistle / Blackpink
    4. Crazy / 4Minute
    5. You Think / Girl’s Generation
    6. Piano Man / Mamamoo
    7. I’m different / Hi Suhyun
    8. Let’s Not Fall In Love / Big Bang
    9. In Love Fortune Cookies(short) / AKB48
    10. Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring (album mix) / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
    11. Glider / the Peggies
    12. Farewell dear sadness (Short Ver) / Momoiro Clover Z
    13. Sweet Doughnuts / Perfume
    14. Tears, Sold Out After / Roli Angels
    15. Standard / Scandal
    16. Real Existence / Band-Maid
    17. Melt / Diaura
    18. Victim / Diawolf
    19. Odyssey / Miyavi
    20. Oirantan / Kiryu
    21. THE BEGINNING / Royz
    22. Megitsung / Babymetal
    23. Ahead / Vamps
    24. Chain Repulsion / Dir En Grey
    25. Fadeless / The GazettE
    26. Shine / L’arc~en~ciel
    27. Au Revoir / Malice Mizer
    28. Jade / X Japan
    This is the posdcast for that show.

  12. I have a question ! What has happened to disreign guitarist Valentine he not in the band anymore? and if so, what happened, because he is not on diseign new site on the biography or on your new interview disreign gjorse for any day since !

     Flagga detta meddelande  Radera detta meddelande

  13. Hello!!

    Nice to meet you,I’m Tetsuya who is a captain of CroiX.

    We are CroiX who is a Japanese Rock band.
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  14. Nice to meet you. Do you know Hakata joker? I haven’t seen this band and I think that this band is different from present visual kei. Do you know old visual Kei band(ex. Kamaitachi, color, the dead pop stars etc)? This band is inspired by old visual kei band(ex. x japan). Actually I am worried that this band is not accepted by present people, but I think this band is a true visual Kei band and I hope this band is certainly the awesome band. If you want to know more about this band or introduce this band, please question me.

      • Thank you for your interest. Hakata joker’s information is →
        This band was formed in July 2005 by Vo JURIA(leader) and Dr SERIOUS that were central members in Fukuoka prefecture. Before that time, Juria had been support member of 紅蓮(GUREN) and had been playing bass in Fukuoka.
        It is a contemporary band that do a fancy make-up in a strange hairstyle that became a boom in the late 80’s and early 90’s in Japanese rock scene. Some people maybe think that Visual kei scene of this era are different from modern visual kei scene.

        Members of the past (including support)
        About 30 members were join and leaved this band.

        This band was participated in a number of Band contest and win the championship in 2008.
        This band was appeared on local TV programs that was broadcasted in Fukuoka.
        This band’s performance is very aggressive and exciting. The member put fuel in his mouth and blew the fire during the performance. The audience has been excited with intense head banking and has become oxygen deficiency state. As a result of this, the ambulance has come there.

        Live performance (destruction of equipment etc) was very aggressive and for that reason this band was ordered to keep out from a certain live house. That’s because Juria(Vo) had wanted to please the audience and hadn’t wanted to regret audience absolutely.

        Julia was subjected to intense criticism because of very aggressive performance. Juria don’t mind to being told myself badly, but can’t forgive my band’s funs being told badly. So Julia made a raid on a bandsman who said badly about funs of Hakata joker. As a result of this, this bandsman was sent to a hospital by Juria.

        A few times, Hakata joker has stopped the activation, but in 2011 Vo JURIA Gt YO Ba HIROSHI Dr TATSUYA restarted Hakata joker dressed in ‘tokkouhuku(Japanese unique style).

        Then, this band was participated in Kitakyushu Ogura Outdoor Rock Festival and showed audience very fantastic and exciting performance. In this performance, Hakata joker Broke the fluorescent light by body and blew the fire and did aggressive head-banging and then all members of Hakata joker jumped from the stage and dived into the river which was in front of the stage.
        Hakata joker and HIROM(ex The dead pop stars Gt), EIJI(ex GAUDY MODE Vo) are in a master-pupil relationship.

        Hakata joker is indie band. Unfortunately Hakata joker are sometimes called a delinquent band or a drug band or a crazy band. But despite of those bad reputation, Hakata joker aren’t care about these things. Hakata joker’s desire are only to make audience happy. Hakata joker’s policy are “Living as it is” and “die coolly”.
        Record company: Raffine http://raffine.ocnk.net/product/330
        Affiliation: Rushed blue Magazine

        Life story
        829Crazy boy(mini album)
        『MOSQUITO』DVD&mini album

        829 Crazy boy 
        cutie angel 

        Genre: Visual Shock , Punk , Hard rock

        Present members
        Vo & Guitar : Juria
        Bass: Hiroshi
        Support Gutar:Haruka noma

        Hakata joker youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2I_-_Ix18Gw8SjBM9sb-Mg
        Hakata joker vocal juria’s twitter https://twitter.com/jokerjuria
        Hakata joker official blog http://ameblo.jp/joker-hakata-official/
        Hakara joker Official facebook https://www.facebook.com/hakata.joker/?fref=ts
        Hakata joker juria’s facebook https://www.facebook.com/juria.zangyaku
        Hakata joker HIROSHI’s facebook https://www.facebook.com/hiroshi.noguchi.965?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf
        Hakata joker HIROSHI’s twitter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5LcgnxV115mJ6Sw4_MsSEw

        Hakata joker’s interview in English: https://rushedblue.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/jokereng/
        THE DEAD P☆P STARS – BUS・ガス・爆発 PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr63irm-RPU
        GAUDY MODE_LADY’S FUCKER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=samFTvY3B-k

        Actually, I’m not the person related to Hakata joker and my English is poor, so this information may be incorrect in a few points. But Hakata joker’s information is mainly written in Japanese, so I want to introduce Hakata joker to foreign people. Please understand this.

  15. Hi ioner. How to contact you anyway? I tried to email u but u dont reply. Do you havw facebook? Because visualioner page cant sent message. I want to give u information regarding visual kei banda

  16. Hi, I’ve been doing a radio show and podcast channel for 3 years called Tune In Tokyo-Taos Calling from a very American perspective. I also follow K-Pop and am always looking around the world for contemporary music that speaks to a global audience. I think I have exposed some people here in New Mexico and the U.S. and with 113 podcasts the music will continue to be there for people interested in finding out about the music of Asia.I also created a YouTube playlist for each show. I’ve traveled a lot to see many groups from Japan from the GazettE to Silent Siren last month. I am taking a hiatus from the radio show and may return in a couple months, I may still post podcasts because I just love to turn people on to new music. Right after I decided I had pretty much covered everything from Japan and feeling I was getting redundent I discovered WACK and alternative Idol groups. I had been following a lot of them like BiSH, Babymetal, Billy Idol, etc. but didn’t realize how much more was emerging. There is so much incredible music that continues to come out of Japan. Thank you for your continuing blogs over the years. They have been very informative, I read all of them and will continue. Anyway this is the link to my podcast channel. https://www.mixcloud.com/michael-miro/

  17. This is a bit uncalled for but thank you for posting all this content! Your blog is my favorite for keeping up with bands because my twitter feed is a mess and google can only do so much. I hope you are well and I really appreciate the effort you put into these updates!

    • I don’t think you know how much I needed to hear that. Thank you. 🙂 I usually enjoy working with the blog but it’s very time consuming and lately I’ve been considering to quit. I have not made any decision yet though so positive feedback really helps me feel motivated. Thank you. <3

  18. hello! i love reading your blog! i have a question about the band gossip. they are one of my favorite groups, however, there is also another band called gossip! it’s such a dilemma because i can never find any information on this older group and was wondering if you know anything about gossip (not the one with new music, but the old one) thanks!

  19. Hi, I follow your facebook page but couldn’t write you there, so… Here I am.
    I want to ask is there more information about Morrigan band? Like band members real name, personal history (like previous bands) etc? I could find myself very less about them and I think they are underrated. Please write back if you have any information. Regards!

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