Shibuya REX 23.9.2018: Kaitou Sentai Nusumunger, Mamireta & zigzag (Personal post)

Date: September 23rd 2018
Venue: Shibuya REX, Tokyo
Bands: Kaitou Sentai Nusumunger, Mamireta & zigzag

Kaitou Sentai Nusumunger

I knew that Kaitou Sentai Nusumunger was some kind of “ironic” band so I didn’t expect much when I headed to Shibuya REX this day. However, I was so wrong. They were absolutely amazing and so, so fun to watch. Clearly comedians, but also talented musicians. And vocalist masato has such charisma and natural stage presence. And he’s very handsome too.

They fooled me at first, ’cause when the curtain still was partly covering the stage, they started up with the knocking sounds from mamieras “Ojamshimasu” and I was like: “Oh, mamireta wil be first tonight?” But then they revealed themselves and everybody laughed. Guitarist Jewelry headed down in the audience and talked with a creepy voice while spooky music was playing. I wish I understood Japanese. Please see twitter-video:

They had so much energy and danced non-stop. In the end they all held one of their flyers which they put in the mouths and started to chew. I think they spit it out afterwords though. ^_-

I would definitely like to see them again since they truly was funny but also sounded great. I’m glad that they played “Oboreru Kingyo”, their parody of DADAROMA’s “Oberu Sakana”.


I saw Mamireta a couple of days earlier and was really eager to see them again. And I was not disappointed, they were just as crazy as last time.

Vocalist Batsu was literally all over the place and threw himself in all directions so I won’t be surprised that day I hear that he broke a bone or two. From the higher ledge on the stage, he dived down and made a perfect tumble, then threw his legs up so he was standing on one hand. I guess he’s pretty good at acrobatics. ^_- He makes this crazy dance with his arms and legs all over the place and then dived OVER the guitarist who was wise enough to duck.

Batsu talks a lot while singing and it sounds pretty demanding and a bit nagging. But it’s fun. I loved his nose-blood makeup.

He climbed the drums and then fell down, climbed the scaffold on the side of the venue and then made this judo kick and fell flat on the floor (even this time he tried to aim the poor guitarist).

Last concert, Batsu jumped down to the audience and stole someones bag. This time he jumped down, dived to the floor and came up with someones shoe. He brought it back up on stage and used it as a telephone. They ended the concert with “Ojamashimasu”. After the concert, Batsu forgot to give back the shoe, but drummer Mirai came to his rescue.

These guys are amazing. <3


I didn’t know much of zigzag at all. Had never heard any of their music, never seen any PV. They look pretty mysterious on their pictures and I expected them to be pretty serious. Instead they were quite goofy and I don’t know if I liked it. Their appearance were pretty amazing and majestic. I was stunned by all those details on vocalist mikoto for instance. But it nagged me a little bit that you couldn’t see so much of him.

zigzag (真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ)

The bang covered his eyes, and all ornaments made it hard for him to move freely. He had a good voice though and the music was totally OK. His speaking voice was very dark and raspy so I think his an elder man. But who knows.

It was fun to see them but not entirely my cup of tea.

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