Ikebukuro Black hole 18.9.2018: SARIGIA, AWA, marblehead, mamireta, tensai & UNDEUX (Personal post)

Date: September 18th 2018
Venue: Ikebukuro Black hole, Tokyo
Bands: SARIGIA, AWA, marblehead, mamireta, tensai & UNDEUX


SARIGIA got up on stage first and there didn’t seem like there was many fans in the crowd. It’s a little bit painful to see. I can’t helpt about thinking of all effort theydid put into that show, like putting aside time from their normal life, doing time consuming makeup and hair etc. But I guess that’s how it is. The saizen was cheerful, thank goddess.

SARIGIA had a very effectful intro and their new costumes are gorgeous and sexy, especially vocalist Asuka’s. The peformance was more or less the same as last time I saw them. I think they did a very good job and had a lot of energy.

SE -Sacrifice-
2. Mercy Rain
4. Masculism
5. Envies-13
6. Envies-13


Ok, next one was a bit confusing. A bit chubby and bearded guy entered the stage and started singing, and I was like: “Who on Earth is this? Doesn’t look visusal kei at all!” It turned out to be a “funny” intro to Awa’s show. AWA is vocalist Awa’s session band, more or less ex-BUK BUK. I liked them the first time I saw them.

This time, Awa had thick, spikey white hair (which seemed to be real!) and pale makeup. Just as always he’s super intense and super energetic. He headbangs and dances even more than his fans. He let them scream in the mike and encourages them to run on the spot. Of course there was a moment of wall of death as well. At one time he actually knocked his head against the guitarist head. I hope they both had agreed on that, cause those things hurts. 😛 I think he has a good voice and I like the music too. I think they played some old BUK BUK-songs. I also like that he after a while picks up a guitar and sing whileplaying. Thumbs up!

No pictures here, ’cause I can simply not find his twitter. 🙂


I loved marblehead last time I saw them and they were just as awesome this time. Vocalist rensei had these giant fluffy mops of hair and extremely ugly clothes ^_- (patched jeans brace trousers, wine-red silk shirt, shredded rags around the wrists and a yellow bag). He and the drummer had both painted those dark stripes on their throats that GazettE-Ruki usually has, and it seems to have become “a thing” now. You see many vk-artist decorate their throat like that. Personally I like it.

marblehead is seriously pasey and headbanger friendly. rensei had this stuffed and chained “My Melody” bunny on stage, which he sometimes hugged and played with and sometimes strangled and threw on the floor. His voice is really good and almost the entire crowd was cheering.

marblehead is a really good live band that gives everything. You are totally worn out afterwards. 😛

1. 週間めろちゃすたそ
3. Bleach Milk On The ShortCake
4. 3時だョ!全員避難!
5.『 – お願いマイメロディ☆ -』
6. 垂直型バケツ硫酸


Mamireta was the main reason for me to go here tonight and I was not disappointed. When the curtains unrevealed the stage while sirens were screaming, there stood a tall skinny halfnaked man standing on it and for a second I thought it was Liplich-Shindo Wataru, cause they looked so much alike. He wore a “short net-shirt” and black tiny silk underwear. Aha, that’s the drummer Mirai. He must have lost his pants. 😛

They started up with a fast groovy song and vocalist Batsu made disted screams. I really like what he do, but if I have to give him some criticue, his growlings are a bit weak. I guess that’s why they add the dist.

He’s a good entertainer though and never stood still a second on the stage. He made this crazy, neurotic dance like in the “Ojamashimasu”- video below. For a second I come to think of Beetlejuice… By some reason Batsu reminded me of him with this outfit and crazy eyes. ^_-

Batsu took his bottle of water and squirted it over people in the audience who didn’t dance, then he “played with it” around his crotch and lent so much forward that he lost his balance and almost dropped the mike. I got pretty impressed when he filled his mouth with water and gargled right into the mike (horrible sound!). Myself can hardly do that without puking. 😛

There was soooo much headbanging during the show and Batsu screamed incessantly to the fans. Suddenly he jumped down into the crowd and circled around people. When he climbed back on stage he brought someones handbag with him. A fancy black thing that he somehow put on his back for the rest of the concert.

They ended the show with “Ojamashimasu” (my favorite) in which the fans knocked in the air with their fingers and Batsu on his own head with the mike. They were pretty awesome!

And yes, after the show, Batsu gave the bag back to its rightful owner. 🙂

1. 粉砕するぞ!
2. 僕が溶けてく帰り路
3. ゴミ漁り純恋歌
4. 下半身中毒者
5. 死因:被害妄想
6. お邪魔します


Next band was tensai, which I must admit I wasn’t very interested in. They are good, but just not my cup of tea. They were very jumpy and happy and played melodic music with a lot of “rap”. Not sure of what to call it. They seemed pretty young and vocalist Cult is a typical handsome young man. This evening with red hair. There was something with his attitude I didn’t like though, like his long soppy chats with the band, and the feeling of that he was good looking and knew it. That in combination with the “sexplease” prints on everybody’s t-shirt turned me off, but I guess I started to get tired. Otherwise I’m quite childish myself.

However, they were better than I had expected. The music was easy to digest.


Last time I saw UNDEUX they had another vocalist. Unfortunately he was more interested in pizza than band activities. 🙁

Now is ex-Mummy vocalist “Mira” UNDEUX‘s frontman and vocalist, He wore bunny ears and a long fur-coat that I desperatly hope is fake. They made a strong first impression with an exciting intro and Mira seems both young – like the other members – and is extremely beautiful. Like next generation Morrigan-Aryu.


In contrast to their old vocalist Riku though – I must say that he was boring. Riku moved around like crazy on stage and was so intense you could hardly see his face under that bouncing hair. Mira on the other hand didn’t move much at all, and definetly didn’t headbang. That’s what happens when you’re wearing that kind of costumes. And that’s a bit boring. Good thing he was such eyecandy though, and his voice is good.

This was their 1st year anniverary and UNDEUX was great, but not as great as with Riku. That’s my 2 cents!

When I left the venue, tensai was sitting outside and by some reason I got so shy I just passed them without even looking. 😛



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