Ikebukuro EDGE 16.9.2018: Fushiana, jigsaw, IGGY, virge, CANIVAL (Personal post)

On September 16th I went to Ikebukuro EDGE to see Fushiana, jigsaw, IGGY, virge and CANIVAL. Verxina and Marble Head played this evening too, but since my pain killers lost effect after a while (I have endometriosis) and since I’ve already seen them, I allowed myself to go home and rest after watching Verxina for a while.

Fushiana (ハクビシン)

Fushiana is a brand new band that just have been formed. You know the members from DIEALO and Hakubishin. This is their lineup:

Vocal: nagashima yui (Hakubishin)
Guitar: yakazu (Hakubishin)
Guitar: jun (ex-DIEALO)
Bass: LiRu (Hakubishin)
Drums: setsu (ex-DIEALO)

Fushiana’s twitter

Their name wasn’t on my ticket so at first I was a bit confused and tried to figure out who they were. I found especially yakazu familiar. After the show I found a poster of the guys in the entrance and remembered that I recently read about them.

When the curtain revealed the stage, they all stood there holding up gasmaskes in front of their faces. They started up with a really strong and energetic song. Without knowing his identity, I though the vocalist had a strong and good voice. Even though the audience weren’t super entusiastic, they kept going strong the whole concert through. yakazu skipped around and nagashima yui sang with a curly bang covering his eyes. They did a very good job to make the audience finnally loosen up and start cheering.

Fushiana (ハクビシン)


Next out was jigsaw, which I really had been looking forward to see. Last time I saw these guys where as DiSPiNA almost exactly a year ago.

When the curtains uncovered the stage, there was like a fence of red yarn-strings stretched from one side to the other, nestled into each other. The boys stood still, looking down at the floor and some kind of alien voice spoke. Or maybe it was supposed to be a robotic voice, since they suddenly started to move in a twitchy way – like if they had broken bones, or were imitating robots or puppets. Their music is strong and screamy.

Just as I was wondering if the strings would separate us from the band the whole show through, Bukimi picked up a big scissor and cut them loose. While singing and making these weird stiff movements, he got this crazy facial expression and performed with even more intensity. I tried to figure out what the dance meant. The red yarn could indicate that they were supposed to be puppet with strings?

It was a theatrical performance in just my taste. For a while the stage was totally black except for a weak green light, shining on Bukimi from below who seemed to do some special movements, like a mime theatre. Unfortunately I couldn’t see what he was doing.

I really enjoyed their show – this time too – anthe show was over.

Jigsaw (ジグソウ)


I kind of expected that IGGY would be quite popular, and I seemed to be right. They were more cheery and colorful and vocalist souma is probably what most people here consider to be a “handsome” guy. I reminded me a bit about Royz-Subaru. Balalaika-Katase Kei was their support drummer.

They started out strong and more or less the entire audience danced along. souma held a fiery speech and made the fans overly excited. Guitarist JOE had a great energy and danced on his spot. Bassist Allen was tall and stood out with his more mature look, wearing almost no makeup and looking little bit older. He didn’t have this “cute boy”-look as the rest of the band.

The vocalist smiled a lot and seemed very happy. Who wouldn’t with a cheery crowd like that. They did a great show, but their music is not exctly my taste. During the last song – which was really really long – I accidently started to think about what I would eat when I came home.


I haven’t seen Virge before but I met a couple of sweet girls in the audience who said they were great. And I must admit that they were really good, much better than expected. Vocalist ryo looked really hot, at least the parts of his face that were visible. I actually think he was covering his face a little bit too much (big bang covering half of his face), since I couldn’t see any clear facial expressions. Or maybe he didn’t make any. (?)

He had a beautiful clean singing voice though and quite strong for coming from that tiny body. The music were both melodic and hard. Not a very screamy band. Virge had their debut last year, but the members have an history in bands like MedienaMALISEND and so on, and you could tell that they had stage experience.

A drawback might be their lack of interaction with the audience. I felt a distance to the band the whole show through. But I don’t think the other fans minded at all, since they were all so busy with executing the – sometimes a bit complicated – choregrafy. 🙂 It was joyful to watch.

I tend to note silly details and one from tonight was that vocalist ryo kept pressing his nose towards the michrophone when singing intensily. That resulted in a pale face with a red nosetip when the show was over. That was cute. 🙂


CANIVAL was the reason I went here. I’ve been thinking they sound pretty nice and drummer Luvia looks really cool. This would also be my last chance to see them, since they will disband in November.

But I must say I got little bit disappointed. They were not as dark and raw as I thought they would be. Vocalist siki wore boring plain clothes and nothing really stood out. They seemed pretty happy though, despite upcoming disbanding. Except Luvia who hardly made any face expressions at all behind the drums. He was stiff like a tree and didn’t even care to look at us before he left the stage afterwards. Either he was in a bad mood or maybe that’s just his style.

Guitarist Haruya was extremely cute though and had the most adorable smile. Guitarist kosukё was really sexy but kept flirting with girls in the audience in a really embarrasing way.

The silly detail from this concert must be when vocalist siki threw the mike-cable around his throat so the michrophone hit him pretty hard on his chin. According to his face expression, it hurt a little.

I would say it was nice to see them, but no wow for me ayway. Maybe my expectations were too high.

2. shallow people
4. 激痛
5. クソガキ、ツキニナク。


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