Shibuya REX 15.9.2018: ACME, REIGN & Grimoire (Personal post)

I went to Shibuya REX on September 15th to see ACME, REIGN & Grimoire (REIGN x Grimoire Coupling Tour).

Shibuya is a very small venue and people were sweating. It didn’t hinder anyone from jumping and dancing anyway. I’m who’s not used to this hot humid weather (I’m a Swede) were already sweating after that long hill you have to climb to reach the venue. ^_-


Since ACME were guest artists (I assume), they were first on stage. Chisa is an adorable young man with playful eyes and cute smile. And he smiled a lot. He had a really good contact with the audience and personally I think he has one of these voices that stands out. If you hear an unfamiliar DIV- or ACME song, you know the band by his voice. I think he’s a bit cross-eyed too… it’s really cute.

I also loved the band’s group dynamic. They seemed to have genuinely fun together and that warms my heart after all stories of internal fights and betrayals within other bands.

Chisa held out something for the fans to hit with their fists. Unfortunatly I couldn’t tell what it was. Maybe some traditional Japanese object.

There was so much energy and their music is both melodic and heavy. Bassist Rikito was really funny and couldn’t help himself from talking back a lot with his loud voice. I think he likes to hear his own voice. ^_-

Even though I don’t listen much to their music, they were really fun to see. 🙂


Second out was REIGN. They entered the stage very serious and sexy. Their visual look was quite simple and vocalist Ikuma didn’t have that much makeup on. Still he was extremely beautiful. I think he looked like a mixture of ScReW-Byu and VRZEL-Cion.

REIGN felt a bit mature and I know drummer Kazuharu since before since I saw him at a Amaranyx-concert five years ago. He’s still as beautiful as an angel.

I saw that a lot of fans wore t-shirts from REIGN’s 5 years anniversary, which reminded me of that they have been active for so long. They also seem to enjoy each others company genuinely, even though there’s been some change of band members over the years.

Their music is heavy and really energetic. Everybody headbanged – even the band. I love when they do that. Kazuharu smashed those drums like there was no tomorrow, lauging like an excited child.

At first I found Ikuma a bit cold and distant, but that changed after a while. From being quite solemn and stiff, he started to joke around with the other band members and with us. He made funny faces when he tought us some new choreography and we failed miserably. Everybody giggled.

Kazuharu couldn’t help but to play around and doing trix with his drumsticks while Ikuma were talking. Twice he failed and the drumsticks fell out of his hands. He looked embarassed and probably hoped no one saw that. ^_- It didn’t keep him from continuing doing trix though.

They were really great live. When it was time for the fans to run towards the stage and squeese into the arms of a band member, bassist Ruizi kind of crawled out over them, lost balance and made a – probably – unplanned crowd surfing. Next time up he couldn’t do much more than press himself against the fans under him, since Ikuma put a boot on his back and held him in place. Not nice, huh?

Kazuharu drummed so intensively in the end that all you could see was his blond flying hair and white teeth between blackpainted grinning lips.

Awesome and fun live. 🙂

1. Death fatE
2. Death bluT
3. Pupa
4. 君に
5. Wedding of Death
6. エミリアの土曜日
7. S.K.V.K
8. 爆ノリ絶叫
9. Bunny Go Round

REIGN & Grimoire


Last on stage was Grimoire and I got quite surprised that vocalist RyNK didn’t wear any blind-folder this time. For the first time I got to see his whole face. I think he looks a little bit like Sibilebashir-Izumi but maybe with a bit more classical beauty-features. All members looked quite young and they seemed pretty popular among the audience.

I must say I like guitarist Kie’s outfit the most – the wolf. ^^ He had the most perfect teeth and smiled widely. Suitable for a wolf.

I’m not a big fan of pyjamas though, which RyNK was wearing. But it suits their concept. 🙂

They started off strong and were really fun live. The furi was simple and easy to pick up for beginners. Even though their music isn’t exactly my style, I really enjoyed their show.



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