visual ioner will stop daily activities

Hi all, I have some bad news.

I’ve decided to end visual ioner’s daily activities.

I started blogging about visual kei/jrock/japan 9 years ago and it has been a lot of fun, but also quite time consuming and stressful time to time. It’s hard to juggle a fulltime job with this kind of hobby, alongside with other hobbies and social life.

My idea was to endure this year through, but due to sudden circumstances – an injury – I simply have to do it now. Very sudden, I wish it could have been different. 🙁

In parallell with daily blogging, I have been refactoring old band profiles and created a quite big list with artists and their basic stats, which has helped me investigate new band members’ possible old activities. I’m thinking it might be of help for anyone else as nerdy as me, so even though I stop daily activities, I will keep working with this when time allows. When it’s finished, I will publish that list.

I might still be posting from time to time, like experiences from jrock concerts and travels in Japan, but it’s mostly a way for me to keep memories. I don’t know if it’s of interest for anyone else. Irrespective, the blog will still be online for anyone who can have any use of it. I’ve been wondering if I could lend over my job to someone else, but since my blog is personal, it doesn’t feel right.

I’m very sorry about this. It feels like I’m breaking up with an old friend. At the same time, I can’t wait to get that extra hour of sleep in the morning, and those 2-3 extra hours of free time after work. I don’t remember what it feels like to have a day off complete free from obligations.

My passion for jrock/visual kei is the same and I hope we keep supporting the artists. I plan to go back to Japan in September and pray to the goddess that I’m healed at that time. If so, I hope I can share some moments with you here.

It has been a lovely journey. Via my blog I’ve met some of my very best friends, I’ve got the opportunity to work with a booking agency and meet various artists. I’m also very grateful for all of you who has been visiting my blog and also shared you knowledge with me. Thank you guys, you are amazing. Keep up your good work!

Stay visual kei. 🙂


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  1. Wow, this is something I did not expect at all. However, though I do not have a blog, I also spend hours everyday research VK bands and keeping up with the latest news – so I understand full well just how time consuming and stressful it all is. That being said, I fully understand and respect your decision.

    And I am also very glad to hear that you are still so passionate about Visual Kei! I’ve been following your blog for quite a few years now, and I would be very sad to hear that you had lost interest in it. 😅

    I wish you a speedy recovery from your injuries and good luck in future endeavors 🙂 Oh, and enjoy the extra hours of sleep too ~! XD

  2. I’m sad to hear this but on the other hand it’s totally acceptable so don’t feel bad or anything like this 🙂 I visit this page daily and read all your posts and I always wondered how much time you spend a day for this page and now that I know, I can understand your decision even more. I hope your injury will heal as quick as possible and that you will have a great time in Japan! 😀

  3. I will be sad to see you stop posting daily but you need to do what is right for you. You need to come first over anything else. I hope your health improves and you’re able to keep following the Vk/JRock fandom in your own way 🙂

  4. That’s sad to hear, when I found out this place I was so insanely happy that it existed! But behind a big project there’s a lot of work, I know that as well, so… Thank you for everything! Thank you for always being passionate and for the interesting news and the fun (the best April’s fools)! I wish you all the best and please take care of yourself! I’m looking forward to seeing the list and personal posts later. xo

  5. Sad at the sudden announcement it seems just like visual kei bands dying out so are the sites.

    I hope you make a full recovery been following your site for the last 5 years. You’ve given me wonderful information about the bands I enjoy taking for taking the time and energy to do so

  6. I hope you’re able to heal as quickly as possible! I was always wondering how you could stay on top of everything including multiple posts in a day and such but I totally understand why you’d want to back off from it.

    I’m excited to see your band profiles come up and what other concerts you get to go to and tell us about. Wishing you all the best!

  7. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to sharing Japanese music to the world. Though you will not be posting on the same basis as you have done in the past what you have done will remain as an important resource in the future. Best wishes and all happiness to you.

  8. Your blog helped me a lot,due to I’m new in the topic vkei/jrock. I hope you will heal soon. Take care of yourself

  9. T. T. This is so sad. I was comming here all the days to see the news. You made a really good work, and Im gonna miss all this. Anyway I hope you can make your dream come true. Good luck.

  10. oh no, so sad … I was happy to visit Visual Ioner all day , This is a habit that i took …
    Your post will miss me so much :'(
    Good luck , i hope You’ll be back one day ♥

  11. Wow. Truly the end of an era. I remember when wordpress blog-type sites were just getting big in ~2011. It was the beginning of branching out of just anime & Vocaloid and into VK/Jrock world. I’d heard rumors about Japanese rock but I didn’t really find much on my own due to the language barrier. I was raised on the American greats, and even some British too, so I had my wonders and my doubts as to how the whole of rock would feel in Japanese. But it was really fans on blogs much like this that would reel me in and suck me into this magical new world. I was so scared everytime I’d make a new account somewhere my mother would catch me and yell at me a force me to delete them. But it was worth it to keep up with all this wonderful new music. I’d actually just updated my for daily notifications c. ~end of last year because I’d had to take a massive hiatus from most of my hobbies to keep up with school and life, and now needed to get back in again. I was so surprised to see you still around! And still incredibly funny & accurate too! I was sure you’d have already handed over this blog over to someone else! I just hope you know that I’ve appreciated all your hard work over the years with this blog. Your dedication helped me find and support many wonderful artists whom I still cherish today! And has inspired me to keep up with VK/Jrock artists of the past & future! I can’t thank you enough for that. I will never forget you and all you’ve done! Please get well and know if/when you post again, I’ll still be here! And I’ll never stop talking about you and your work to the next generation of VK/Jrock bands! <3

  12. You rock, Iona! This site has been great to me the past few years. Get better and stay VK yourself.

  13. Sad to hear this! I haven’t posted in here before but do check back pretty frequently to find out anything I may have missed and certainly the info has been most useful. I’m not really sure of any other sources anywhere close to being as good as your blog so I will miss it for sure. 🙁

  14. I understand needing to back away from a blog. I’ve done it myself once for an “indefinite” period, which ended up being about 9 months. Clear your mind, rediscover your other hobbies, and enjoy visual kei for just the music! But, I won’t lie, I hope you return someday! This is my favorite place to find new bands and learn all the news. It’s because of you that I learned about Megamasso disbanding :'(

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