Shinjuku HOLIDAY 14.4.2018: VRZEL, OROCHI, llll-Ligro-, G.S.I, MonstlloW, JACK+MW, SIRENE, Re:move, LIM, fesFE[M] (Personal post)

Me and my friend headed to Shinjuku HOLIDAY on April 14th for a VRZEL-based event and here I will type down some of my notes from the evening.


Orochi was the first band to enter the stage and I really love their visual style with traditional Japanese elements, glitter and silk. The fabric flows so nicely when moving. Since SAKURAYUKI had departed, his spot was replaced by support guitarist toki (Black Gene For the Next Scene[hiatus]). He wore a wig with long blond hair and I noted how talented he was. Keisuke Tajima aka Taji supported on drums. YAHIRO looked really cool with his dragon horns and cat-eyed lenses and truly provided the performance with great energy. They played a mix of old and new songs and I look forward to an upcoming release which I don’t have any information about yet. Vocalist Ryu played beautiful tunes on flutes which followed by heavy rock music and the fans danced synchronously with Japanese hand fans. Ryu has a great voice that sounds just as strong and clean live as on album.

See more OROCHI here.


fesFe[M] is a band that I didn’t know about before – which surprises me a bit since they seemed so experienced on stage. They all entered and positioned themselves as if they were asleep. Keyboardist Jun stepped up on a ledge in the middle of the stage and made a strange dance to wake them up.


They all had fun clothes and vocalist lion wore a cute black dress in which he danced around like a ballerina. He was really entertaining on stage, made big gestures and constantly kept eye contact with us. His voice was good and what surprised me the most was that he could swap between male and female voice. Wow. If I didn’t see them and just heard his voice, I would be really confused.

They instructed the audience in how to dance the furi by doing it themselves while playing and I thought they were pretty good musically. Some parts even reminded me of old Malice Mizer songs a bit. Guitarist zeno with flowers in his hair seemed to be one of the crazy ones and danced theatrically and funny. Bassist toru with his blond wig had this constant sweet smile on his face. Keyboardist Jun ended the show with a really false chord and they all fell to the ground like if they fell to sleep again. Please visit their official homepage. See more fesFe[M] here!

fesFe[M] Setlist:
1. バラバラパーティー
2. 純白な夢と そのあとと CM
3. 心に潜むテムペスト
4. Doll in ブルーベリィジャム
5. フレイヤ

And here is one of their old videos:


I was curious about SIRENE since I’ve followed his journey a bit. He was supported by guitarist takuya (HOLYCLOCK[hiatus]), guitarist rin (ex-Misaruka) and bassist kasuya. I could tell by the fans that he was one of the most popular attractions tonight, still I never got swept away since he appeared a little bored to me. Like if this was “just-another-show” to him. But sometimes that’s just part of the act. His voice was not as strong as I’ve hoped but he growled pretty well. He got a lot of attention at the merchandise table later.

See more SIRENE here!


G.S.I stepped on stage in really nice outfits that showed a lot of skin. If my grandmother would have seen bassist Ayato for instance, she would have gasped and called him “half-naked”. 😛 Me and my friend couldn’t help ourselves from staring at his a bit revealing short latex shorts… I have never seen them live before and found them pretty heavy. They were great live. Vocalist T.Y has a strong voice and appeared very confident. Bassist Ayato was really keen on being in the spotlight, ran back and forth, made big gestures and teased the audience. Sometimes it appeared like he wanted to steal the show from the vocalist. ^_-

See more G.S.I here!


When JACK+MW entered the stage I was pretty confused for a while. Vocalist LUCA didn’t look at all as I remembered him (saw them a couple of months ago). I guess that’s the magic with makeup. I also experienced them as much much better this time with greater energy, harder, heavier, happier and more playful. Maybe I should add that the audience last time weren’t really fun either. Well, with makeup A or makeup B, LUCA is always a very handsome singer. They were all dressed up in lab coats and guitarist renjou drank some weird yellow liquid from a lab bottle. LUCA threw off his coat in the end and revealed a black net shirt. It was a good show!

See more JACK+MW here!


MonstlloW was one of the bands that I’ve been looking forward the most to see. There’s a couple of songs by both Masqued Liar and MonstlloW that I really like. Vocalist Laki wore these silver studded glasses in the beginning of the show which you can see in their latest look. They had a great energy and songs with fun furi. Laki made sure we were all engaged from beginning to end. To my delight they played “Can you hear me?” – a beautiful calm song that almost made me a little sad for a while. It was intense. They ended the show with “Big Mouth March” which put us all back in positive and energetic mode. ^_- Everybody jumped up and down and the band looked genuinely happy.

See more MonstlloW here!

Set list:
2. Ms. Black Cat
5. Big Mouth March


It was bitter sweet to see llll-Ligro- tonight. Sweet since I’ve been following them for long and really like their music. But bitter since vocalist Hinata has left the group and they will disband. They looked majestic when they entered the stage, especially bassist hao who is HUGE! Super tall and has probably double the body size of guitarist Jesse who stood next to him. Still Hao is super-slim. They gave it all on stage like if they were a complete band, especially kazari who looked like he was put under a spell. There was no support vocalist and no substituting playback for Hinata’s singing, which made it all a little weird. Especially when they did their background singing to…. a non-existing foreground singing. I couldn’t help but loving them even more for keep fighting until the end. I wonder what Hinata is feeling right now, being home knowing that he left the rest of the band in this situation. :-/ When they were done, they left their instruments and stepped off the stage in a haste without giving us a single look. See more llll-Ligro- here!

I have no pictures from this gig since they’ve all deleted their personal twitter-account, but on their official ones there’s one line from this day:

“誰にも負けたくない.” which I think can be translated to “We don’t want to lose to anyone”.


I’ve seen these guys before and they are pretty good, even though I wish they were a little but more visual. They were better live than I remembered and seemed very popular among the fans. They had a great energy as well. See more LIM here!


Re:moe is a solo project by Rimo (vocalist of ex-D4C) and I wasn’t personally super interested in his show, but noted that he was one of the stars that night. When the curtains revealed the stage we saw three stuffed and colorful monkeys decorate various equipment on stage. Rimo has a good voice and really knew how to engage the audience. He acted like a professional performer. See more Re:move here!



This was VRZEL’s event and hence they were the prime moment of the night. Their look was really gorgeous visual and Cion knows how to give a sexy show by licking his lips, teeth, throwing kisses and dancing sexy.  I stood on guitarist Ryouya’s side and couldn’t help myself from being in mental pain by his mere appearance. His current look is not a favorite of mine with fluffy red boobs and a red wig waving from his crotch. This is combination with his clown face… yikes! ^_-

Cion has a great contact with the audience and that’s how I remember him from last time. There was some songs they played that I really liked but don’t know the names of, so I’m searching like crazy at the moment. ^_-

They look genuinely happy, even though they are going to disband. That makes me thinking that they really enjoy each others’ company. Maybe the disbandment is based on other issues around the band. Maybe it’s due to the label. I hope and think that we will see them in a new band soon.

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  1. This seems like it was a killer show! I really liked your style of review/wrap up (?) especially the video links and website stuff. Hoping that eventually I’ll be able to get back into the saddle with lives when I get the chance in Japan!

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