Ikebukuro Blackhole 15.4.2018: SARIGIA, Noulla, Akaku Somatta Kiouku, Verxina, Mazeran, DAYDALA (Personal post)

This would be my last shusai event/taiban this trip. On April 15th, me and my friend headed to Ikebukuro Blackhole to see seven bands. I will tell you a bit of each performance.


I read about some drama regarding this band a couple of days earlier which might have affected my experience in a negative way. However, they looked good and sounded good – but didn’t really stand out. The vocalist is cute and they all seem to be pretty young. It might just be an act, but I have a problem with vocalists who act all moody and bored. I don’t find it very charming and I tend to lose interest. I’m sorry. :-/

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Akaku Somatta Kiouku

I often hear people critique this band due to vocalist CHALA’s resemblance with ex-Avel Kain Karma. I get pretty annoyed by remarks like that, since there’s thousands of visual kei bands in history and people have always been influenced by each other. All musicians gets inspired by someone else to begin with, more or less obviously. And the person you might think is an original – probably isn’t. He/she has been influenced as well. Instead of calling “stealing” or “copy”, please understand that this kind of inspiration many times is an act of admiration and a way to pay tribute to someone you look up to, especially within the visual kei scene. Don’t limit your horizons. Be open-minded.

Akaku Somatta Kioku

However, I was curious about seeing this band live since I’ve been following them for a while and liked what they’ve done. Papers with kanji hanged on the drumset. CHALA wore bloody bandages on his wrists and appeared dreamy/sleepy. He moved slowly but controlled and I couldn’t help myself from comparing him with a fragile baby bird. A baby magpie maybe. ^_- Still he could suddenly laugh like a mental while squeezing his doll Setsuko. Also she bandaged. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a weakness for bands with mental-illness-theme. ^_-

Drummer Rukuo hit the drums with the biggest smile on his face – the entire show through. I also noticed that the other band members kept singing the lyrics, even though they didn’t have any microphone. I think that means that they actually like their own songs.

I must say that CHALA had a really good voice for live performance and I would recommend anyone to go see them.

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1. 破約
2. 自殺ごっこ -断-
3. Sad Birthday
4. 依存症


DARIAN MARIAN’s vocalist Seijiro has a dark and pleasant voice. Some members of the band appears to be a little bit older than the average visual kei bandoman nowadays, which I like. What I didn’t like was drummer Soara’s obvious wig. Of course there’s a lot of wigs and fake hair within visual kei, but some are just too bad. ^_- Thankfully his drumming skills outweigh this visual flaw.

Guitarist Hitsuki put so much energy in his performance and had intense and scary eyes which I constantly tried to avoid. Guitarist Camy on the other hand seemed more shy and insecure, leaning towards the wall like he was trying to hide from the girls on first row who worshiped him like a god. He was obviously the one considered to be the cutest and was sent to the merchandise table after the show.

DARIAN MARIAN is not bad, but not my cup of tea. I found them a little bit colorless and boring this night. I’m sorry.

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1. 眠れない夜の夢
2. p o i s o n
3. 賊
4. Stab A Knife Into The Heaven
5. Loveless


I was very curious of this band and did not get disappointed. They were all wearing white and vocalist mayu was amazing on stage, gave 100% of his capacity from beginning to end. In their latest artist photos he looks really sad, but tonight he looked like a maniac with wide-open crazy eyes and big gestures. I love that.

He danced, grabbed his groin, screamed in agony and moved around so much that even I started to feel sweaty. In a short break in the middle of a song, he pretended to hang himself with the microphone cable, wired like a snare from which he dangled with loose limbs.  Then he laughed like a mental behind his angel white and fluffy hair that partly covered his face. I also love when vocalists uses these alarm megaphones. His was black. 🙂

Guitarist sana played the role of the charming casanova. He watched each fan steadily and long with deep haunting eyes, smiled a bit, blinked and pointed at them like: “I want you… yes… you.” That makes me a little bit uncomfortable though. ^_- But yeah, he’s very cute.

Guitarist sana and bassist taki once leaned toward each other while playing behind mayu who high on energy stumbled right into them. No harm done though. I must say that I was very pleased by their performance and would love to see them again.

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1. 純情滲む貞操観
2. 新曲
3. 寄生
5. ちょっきんこ


I really like what I’ve seen of Noulla so far so I was excited to see them live. They started their performance with a dark stage and choir singing. Then they entered. Vocalist zin’s latest look is a bit clown-like and weird but still cute with lipstick and mask all over his face. He had this amazing big smile the entire show through, and just as much positive and skittish energy.

Despite their childish and innocent look, they started up with a really hard and heavy song including a lot of growling. That’s what I love about their music, their alternation between heavy growls and super high-pitched clean singing. Yes, zin’s voice is really, really high-pitched in that state. He moved around a lot and even ran on his knees like a keen child chasing candy. Even when all spotlight hit the guitarist during solos, he bounced up and down in the background and grabbed all attention.

Super sweet band, recommend, recommend!! ^^

To my delight they played my favorite song: “Tsukiyo ni kessonshoujo”.

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This band is pretty new and I don’t have much opinions about them yet. They looked amazing though and have a fantastic visual style. Awesome costumes and very “visual kei”, so to speak. They started up by playing “moushuu” which was more or less the only song I knew.

They were heavy, hard and energetic live, but lacked a little bit of personality – something that stood out. Still I think they did a great performance. Vocalist Hiro was very theatrical,  mystical and sexy behind his dark makeup. He talked a lot between the songs. Maybe a little bit too much. And slow. (I say so since I don’t know Japanese that well… :-P)

Even though they haven’t been around for long they seemed to be very popular. Fans screamed like crazy between the songs and I must admit that they all were eeeeeeeye candy. The singer jumped down from stage and tried to force us closer whereof he pushed me in the back. If it would have been me 10 years ago I would be all like “He TOUCHED me!! ❤ ❤ <3!” but since I’m closing up to forty and recently suffered from intervertebral disk displacement , I was more like: “O no, my back!”. Sigh, getting old is no fun. 😛

They were a nice band to watch live, so please go and see them.

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This was SARIGIA’s event and hence they played last.

They looked flawless with makeup, hair and costumes. Wow.

So far they tend to put piano elements in their songs which reminds me a bit of the GazettE, and I like that. Their music sounds very professional, even though they are a new band.

We celebrated guitarist Natsu’s birthday and all girls in seizen wore “Happy-Birthday” glasses. I noted his finger-play on the guitar and must say that he’s very talented. He was this band’s charmer who pointed at random fans, smiled and blinked; made them feel special.

I also love the fact that everybody in the band head-banged like if there was no tomorrow. No wigs or extensions that could fall off. Their hairspray is apparently from outer space and their hair looked perfect no matter how hard they rocked. Their music was heavy and intense and Asuka’s voice was spellbinding, just like his blue eyes behind that dark makeup. He didn’t mind giving us some fan service by touching his groin and move in sexy positions. He even took his arm around Natsu and sensually touched his chest. Natsu seemed amused.

SARIGIA was really good and I look forward to follow their progress.

SE -Requiem-
3. 狂艶
4. 熄まない雨、褪せた涙
6. Mercy Rain
7. Envies-13
8. Envies-13

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  1. I am so jealous you saw Sarigia! They went on hiatus when I was in Japan so I just missed out, but I’m glad their stage presence/performance is the real deal.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Daydala is trash. The looks are on point but the music is not great atleast the one music video I saw.

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