Ikebukuro EDGE 09.04.2018: Lilly, LICHT., EYEZBERG, DictavE, L-the world

Hi again!

I’m back in Tokyo and intend to tell you a little about each taiban I go to. A couple of days ago (on April 9th) I went to Ikebukuro EDGE for “Ageha RIKU&美香生誕主催『Emergence』”. Some of the bands I haven’t seen or heard about before.

Lilly (?)

First band was…. I’m actually not sure…. but by exclusion method I guess it was Lilly. (?) They all wore black and the singer was petit. More “layed-back metal” look than visual kei look I would say. They were however pretty good and made a very good effort even though we were so few in the venue at that point. They were smiley and positive and the people seemed to know the furi well. The vocalist mastered both growling and clean singing. I believe this band has potential. They played at least one cover by Girugamesh which I really enjoyed.

Lilly’s webpage
Lilly’s Twitter
Lilly’s Facebook


Next band was LICHT. and I actually got a bit surpirsed that the vocalist wasn’t superskinny as visual kei artists usually are. I like variation and contrasts to the norm. They seemed pretty popular and I really liked the vocalist’s falsetto screams. They were both melodic and heavy and the audience followed their furi perfectly. They really gave it all and had a great energi all songs through.

See more LICHT. here!

LICHT. (リヒト。)


Next band I’ve never heard about and seemed to consist of two people; a vocalist and a guitarist. I must confess that I got a bit unsure of the vocalist’s gender at first. The gender doesn’t matter of course, but I usually guess right when there are some ambiguity. The vocalist wore a latex outfit that reminded me of GACKT’s outfit in Malice Mizer’s ILLUMINATI-era; short latex shorts.

This guy also had a short latex jacket and wore a corset. I guess it might have been due to the face and hairstyle that made me think of a girl, and when the person started singing, I first thought it sounded like a girl singing with dark voice. Hm… no clear sign of boobs though, but that doesn’t mean anything. Did I see an Adam’s Apple? Hm… yes, maybe? But then I noted the muscles in his perfect legs and knew: this is not a girl. And later on I could hear it as well.

Very pretty vocalist and the guitarist had this very cool visual kei style. The vocalist had an adorable – but a bit sad – smile and I wish the audience could have been a little bit more engaged. I felt a bit sorry for their lack of respons from us. By the way, did I mention that the vocalist also played the guitar? Always a plus when the singer masters an instrument – according to me. 🙂

EYEZBERG webpage


Last time I saw DictavE was three years ago and at that time jin was vocalist. I looked forward to to see how mizki would be as vocalist instead. The concert started with curtains down and a movie screen showing a short video with a presentation of the band members and their latest PV “Gozenreiji no sandoriyon”.

I must say that DictavE has really grown since last time. They feel much more confident and looks more “expensive”. I must say that I love their latest look, especially vocalist mizki’s. That one is HOT!

I’m pretty impressed by the design of all their outfits. kira looked absolutely insane with his crazy red eyes and mask. He jumped and danced like a maniac and sometimes he reminded me of a Kiss-character with those metallic shoulderpads. ^_- toshiya is the smiley cute one with very proper outfit. miziki had a great energy and danced in circles. And first at this point I saw the funny design of tsuno’s dress. It’s a big skirt with a whole revealing his thighs, holding up the bottom part with straps. He danced in circles so the skirt flew in the air. It looked really good. Now and then he took a sip from a whiskey bottle (doubt it really contained whiskey though?) Maybe it’s his “thing” since one of the seizen girls in front of him brought a Jack Daniels-towel.

DictavE is still a heavy band, even though their music has much more elements of clean singing since Jin left. They were good! Recommend!

See more DictavE here!

L-The World

This band was actually my main reason for going here. I love LAER’s voice and I’ve been searching like crazy for their CDs. Finally I would be able to buy them via their merchandize table. They started up with my favorite song “True I and you”. ❤

Vocalist LAER seems to be very tall and I really like the synth elements in the music LAERs voice sometimes reminds me a bit of ASAGI (D). He had this kind of genuine smile that makes you melt and their furi was really fun (and sometimes a bit too complicated for me). They all got a great stage presence and seemed to have a great time. I could really feel the joy and immersed it. LAER looked euphorical when everybody was cheering and dancing. This was a perfect ending for me.

I really recommend everybody to go see L-The world!

There was actually two more bands that night, but since I was tired and pleased with L-The world, I headed home… Blasphemic I know. Sorry! XD

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