Ikebukuro BlackHole 08.04.2018: shadowgraph, azana, marblehead, Kuroyuri To Kage, THE GALLO (Personal post)

Hi guys!

I’m back in Tokyo and intend to tell you a little about each taiban I go to. Yesterday (on April 8th) I went to Ikebukuro BlackHole for the event “GALLOLUDE N°1” and I would see five bands.


First band on stage was shadowgraph which I haven’t heard about before.


Vocalist YOU is a really handsome man (boy?) for sure and true eyecandy. His hair was partly blond and partly brown. Check out this ikemen:

They are a pretty nice band and YOU has a great growling-voice live. I thought for a while in the beginning they were holding a moment of silence but I guess it was just some technical issues. ^_- YOU and guitarist RIO kept whispering with the drummer while the bassist entertained us by talking.

I think they held back their energy a little bit and I never felt this crazy vibe. But they constantly encouraged the audience to dance according to the furi and I think they are pretty decent for being so unknown (for a westerner anyway). I liked the synth elements and guitarist rio’s mixing.


I think this band needs a little bit more personallity though to truly break through. There was something missing. Please check out shadowgraph’s official twitter!

Azana (アザナ)

I’ve heard about azana but never listened to their music. I knew however that their vocalist LUM departed in March so I was pretty curious of who would be their support vocalist. And when he entered the stage I found him familiar, he has this typical handsome visual kei look, but I couldn’t tell who he was. Not until the end of the concert it hit me that it was Hayato (ex-temaneki).

I was so disappointed when temaneki disbanded…. Following song is NOT Azana, but “Abyss” by temaneki. I simply have to share it since I love it so much. ^^<3

I must say that Hayato is way more beautiful IRL in comparason to temaneki’s artist photos. They must have had a very bad retoucher… *sorry*

Guitarist Sakura had this awesome long black hair in a topknot. Hayato wore a black shirt and a black jacket. The energy was high and I really liked the music, a little bit jazzy, sometimes elements of ska. Hayato had charisma and sexappeal and acted so natural on stage with great contact with the audience. Very theatrical and intense eyes.

Azana (アザナ)

When a vocalist appear “awkward” on stage – you know what I mean – it’s almost a little bit painful to watch, and you can tell that the audience is less engaged. But Hayato was great. I liked the elements of piano and dubstep and decided to buy their CDs. Please check out Azana’s official homepage!


Vocal: rensei (錬撕)

Next band was marblehead and this is when things started to get really crazy. I guess my friends at home would find these guys pretty weird. ^_-

They entered the stage in girl school uniforms and vocalist rensei was smoking a doll (their mascot. :-P)  The intro was very spooky and they all wore bloody bandages around their throats (guess their heads got chopped off at some point… :-P) Bassist tamaki souji had a dead expression in his face, stared at us and had this very cool vibe. Vocalist rensei’s face was bandaged, covering nose and forehead. One of his eyes were red, the other one blue. He wore a school bag to which he attached a little teddy bear. He also wore a pacifier around his neck (a reappearing item).

Marblehead is a pretty crazy and heavy band. They reminded me a little bit of THE GALLO when I saw them the first time four years ago.

This a great and entertaning live-band, but I’m not sure if I would actually listen to them in on my way to work. Rensei played around with a snap-off blade knife, acted like he was going to cut himself.


Suddenly he picked up a box of tissues (like Kleenex) and ripped them up one by one so it was more or less raining tissues around him, like a fountain. He throws them over himself, and the audience while screaming and laughing like a maniac. Bassist tamaki souji was more relaxed and carefully pushed a bouquet of tissues into his nose. In the middle of the concert I couldn’t help but thinking that the energy right now reminded me of that feeling you get when you think you are going crazy. Like you’re about to get hit by a psychosis or something.

There was a lot of tissues in that box and rensei had to work really hard on emptying it. ^_- He even kneaded a bunch of tissues into a big ball that he threw at us. I don’t think anyone tried to catch it though… I’m sure it would have been different in Europe where the fans are a bit more excited over any kind of “contact”. 😛

Yes, very entertaining live! I can defintely consider to see them again. And if you like the “insanity/mental illness” theme within visual kei, you might enjoy them too. Rensei’s bandaged fell off at the end of the concert and revealed that he is a very handsome man. 😛

Se more Mablehead here!

Marblehead setlist this night:

Kuroyuri To Kage

And finally it was time for Kuroyuri to kage, the main reason why I went here tonight. I haven’t seen them in three years. I absolutely adore them and can’t believe they are disbanding soon. I pray to the gods that Karasuna Mei will come back with a new band with similar theme, ’cause that guy is born singer and entertainer.

Karasuna Mei wore his schoolbackpack (as he often does). I love the way he sings and how he dangles the mike between his fingertips. Early on, he made this crazy high jump from a ledge with a leg split in the air. I always get a little bit nervous when I see things like that, knowing that myself would drop on the butt if trying.

Kuroyuri to Kage

The energy was so crazy high now, everybody was dancing and cheering. Karasuna Mei can make these wonderful dark growls alternated with high pitched clean singing. I almost feel religious standing there. And gosh, he’s crazy. Constanly twitching his face and at one point he licked his finger and smeared it over his OPEN eye. How is that possible? XD A normal person would definitely be forced to blink when trying. I hope he wore a lense so he won’t get an infection at least, ha ha. He bounced around on stage like a ball of energy. I didn’t know that he could beatbox (which he could!), but I knew that he could fit the entire mike in his mouth. He just devoure it and somehow manage to continue singing. XD

I can’t describe the joy I felt when they played my absolute favourite song “Yokusou”. God damn… SUCH A GOOD SONG!

At this point I started to feel high. “Yokusou” kind of put me into trance. Kuro provided some fanservice by licking his guitar. And like Yokusou wasn’t enough, they also played the master piece “benjo” – another favorite of mine. I LOVE the elements of violins in that song. And the rythm. Oh sweet mother of Goddess, thank you! ❤ ^^

According to their routines, Karasuna Mei picked up his megaphone with sirene alarm. I guess that’s one of my fetishes, ha ha. Simply love the sound of that. Kuro and K enjoyed drenching the audience in water. It even hit our faces in the very back of the venue.

During “GICHIGICHI”, Kurasuna Mei did his special number and masturbated on stage 😛 I don’t think he did it for real though… or did he…? It sure looked that way, but…. really….? XD Naaah, he “came” a little but TOO perfect to a certain point of the song and I don’t think anyone is that good at it. But what do I know. XD However, the designer to his clothes must have had this act in mind since his dress had a hole in suitable position for some “hand in groin action”. (Sorry for my language, don’t know how to explain this properly.)

When the concert was over, Karasuna Mei just stepped off in all haste – like always, no waving good bye or anything. This was probably my last chance to see Kuroyuri to kage…. 😦

See more Kuroyuri to kage here!


Last ones on stage tonight was THE GALLO! I really looked forward to them too, since I haven’t seen them live in 4 years. I bought a THE GALLO-plate and spoon so I could join the furi and ask them to “eat my soul”.  I saw some girls joking around with these plates, like if they were going to threw them up on stage like a freesbie. *ha ha* They didn’t though, but it sure was tempting.

When the curtains revealed the stage, all members except vocalist JOJO stood there with the back towards us. When Jojo entered the stage it felt really majestic and powerful. He looked like a great god (or should I say DEVIL) with his big hair, ram horn and fluffy rooster feathers on his shoulders (I silently hope it was fake feathers…) Their clothes were glittering and Jojo wore a red sparkling lipstick.

I’m glad they played “Yami uta” – one of my favourites.

Jojo has such a special voice. The audience knocked their spoons against their plates. THE GALLO has truly grown as a band since I saw them last time. They oozed proffesionality and stage experience. I don’t know how old they are, but I would guess they are all over 30.

And so they played aother favorite: “Belphegor”. It’s so cute and the furi is fun. Yepp, this is a really great band. I hope they will stay intact as long as possible. Jojo is born entertainer. Couldn’t help but fascinate over Jojo’s “giant” mouth. It’s so wide! XD Guess he need a big mouth when deepthroating sweets and devouring the soul of his fans. 😛

Wajou and Andy had such nice thing going on. They smiled and danced with each other. I haven’t notised before that Andy is pretty goofy on stage.

Jojo is intense on stage with a great contact with the audience. And his voice…. so strong! God damn. He make dark growls and the very very high pitched singing. Very impressive. He put off his jacket after a while and revealed a band tshirt over a black netshirt.

I didn’t dare to wish for them to play my number-1-THE-GALLO-song but they did! The best song they have done so far: Musou!

I thought it would be too old for playing on concerts nowaday, but apparently not. Oh, such joy. Thank you, thank you! We all went down on our knees and raised our arms for him.

Then they made us gather on each side of the venue. Time for wall of death. They are usually not as violent here as in Europe (where people crawl out bleeding in the end. :-P) Jojo jumped down to us and danced in the middle while the fans were circulating around him. I remember they did the same thing last time I saw them too, but then it was Hikaru in the middle. He’s not in the band anymore. Jojo seemed to be very amused though. The fans danced around him with respect.

They also played their latest “hit”: KERBEROS!

Jojo’s horns fell off at one point and he looked really exhausted at the end of the concert. They really gave it all. But still they came back and gave us two songs in an encore!!! ❤

THE GALLO setlist this night:

Awesome night. Awesome. I feel happy. 🙂

See more THE GALLO here!


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