NEW BAND: Jigsaw (speculations regarding members)

This band made me a bit confused at first. And well, I’m still confused. I will explain why.

However, Jigsaw appeared as a new mysterious band a couple of weeks ago. At the same time, another band called Tobiorikun (と び お り く ん) appeared as well. It turns out that they are the same band and it seems like they’ve settled down with the name “Jigsaw”. There are however still two different twitter accounts: Jigsaw TwitterTobiorikun(maybe this one is the account of their mascot?)

Jigsaw (ジグソウ)

There’s not much information about them yet at the official homepage. Please have a look at their profile below anyway and follow them on social media. They will have their debut live on April 4th!

I have my speculations regarding the members though…. you find them below…

Jigsaw (ジグソウ)

As you can see, they have revealed their faces by now, and that’s why I’m confused again. Doesn’t guitarist Maru look exactly the same as DiSPiИA‘s guitarist Ryouta? I went to check Ryouta’s twitter and discovered that it has been deleted. I checked the other DiSPiИA members accounts as well and they are all gone. So is also DiSPiИA‘s official band account. (What…?) I also think that Jigsaw’s vocalist Bukimi looks very much like DiSPiИA‘s vocalist hiduki. They even sound the same. Might these be the same person? And bassist Satoi… he has the same fleshtunnels and neck tattoo as DiSPiИA‘s bassist tomoe. And drummer Shiki… doesn’t he look just like DiSPiИA‘s ex-drummer hajime? But hajime had to depart from DiSPiИA due to injury. Might he be back?

Note, this is only speculations by me and I might be totally wrong. I guess we just have to wait and see for more information.

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Jigsaw (ジグソウ)

Debut: April 4th 2018
Formerly known as: tobiorikun (とびおりくん)

template official homepage
template official twitter
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Vocal: Bukimi (ブキミ)
Guitar: Maru (マル)
Bass: Satoi (智依)
Drums: Shiki (詩季)

Member History

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  1. Just, the bassist name is Satoi, not Chiyori. All Japanese websites wrote their names in hiragana next to the kanjis, and in their latest comment you can clearly hear the bassist say “beesu no Satoi desu”. Please, take care when you want to transcribe their names from kanji to romaji. it’s really not the 1st time that I see you misspelling names like that. I know you don’t speak Japanese, but it’s quite easy to find the info sometimes, just by listening to bands comments. After that, all websites, FB pages etc use the wrong name you gave to the member, that’s a bit annoying (especially if they go to Japan, see the band and call him the wrong name ^^’)

    • I work hard with this blog and do my very best, but there will be mistakes sometimes. That’s why I really appreciate help like yours. I often have to rely on translations I find on other western pages as well and I guess that’s how faulty romaji spreads. Thanks!

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