REGENE has fired Hifumi.

Drums: 123/Hifumi (壱弐参)REGENE fired their drummer 123 (Hifumi) on March 7th.

In the official announcement they say that Hifume contacted the band on March 2nd, telling them that he suffered from acute gastritis due to stress and that he went to the hospital for consultation. REGENE had a gig at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 later that day and when they asked about his condition, he explained that he couldn’t attend due to high risk of infection.

After that they heard nothing from him. They had another live on March 4th to which he didn’t show up without any warning or permission, which probably is unacceptable. They received a receipt from his hospital visit on March 2nd but when they asked him to clarify, he remained very vague and eventually blocked them from contacting him.

The band discussed this matter and concluded that Hifumi wanted to leave the group, and hence they decided to fire him. The band will continue with their activities with a support drummer.

To me, it sounds like Hifumi might have suffered from painful stress for real due to the band activities and maybe this was his only way to free himself. But that’s just speculations form my side.

REGENE (リジェーヌ)

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REGENE (リジェーヌ)

Formerly known as: Re;xy
Re;xy debut: May 23rd 2017
Changed name to REGENE: November 25th 2017
REGENE debut:
February 13th 2018

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Vocal: Ryou (りょう)
Guitar: Saku (朔)
Guitar: Coco (小虎)
Bass: Itsuki (樹)

Member History

  • Vo. Ryou → Lize → NeruNeru → Re;xy(Ryoka) → Regene(Ryou)
  • Gt. Saku → ROMANESQUE A LIVE → -dist- → Rotten → Re;xy(SIVA) → Regene(Saku)
  • Gt. Coco → SEFIRA → LEREVE → Re;xy(TAIGA) → Regene(Coco)
  • Ba. Itsuki → Vo’t kaRma → Re;xy(Shiki) → Regene(Itsuki)

Former members:

Drums: 123/Hifumi (壱弐参)

Former member history:

  • Dr. 123 → ROMANESQUE A LIVE → Mitht(support), Re;aL, deathfina(support) → Re;xy(Kid) → Regene(123) → ?

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  1. First of all, bands don’t fure their own members — managers do. From what little I’ve read here, the manager should have gotten another drummer ASAP after Hifumi said he was in hospital and couldn’t make any gigs. There also seems to be a few odd things, such as blocking band members from contacting him. I suspect there’s far more here than we are being told.

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