Kaede and Yume leaves pisarro which goes on hiatus.

pisarro’s guitarist Kaede and bassist Yume will depart on May 20th after their one-man live at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE. The band will go on hiatus after that.

Official message:

2018-02-24 15:33:58NEW !

昨年末よりGt.楓並びにBa.夢からの脱退の申し出があり、限られた時間の中で何度か話し合いの場を設けて参りましたが二人の意向は変わらず2018年05月20日(日)高田馬場CLUB PHASEで開催されるピサロ 2nd ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN 「-極色パステル-」でのワンマン公演を持ちまして脱退する運びとなりました。

Google Translate:
Notice more important than Pisarro.
2018-02-24 15: 33: 58 NEW!

Thank you very much for supporting Pisarro from the beginning.
Since the end of last year there was an offer to withdraw from Gt.kaede and Ba.yume, we have set up a meeting place several times within a limited time but the intentions of the two have not changed yet May 20, 2018 Having held a one-man performance at Pisarro 2nd ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN “- Extraordinary Pastel -” to be held at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE on Sunday (Sunday), it was decided to withdraw.
Also, due to withdrawal this time we have Sunday May 20th (Sunday) and Pisarro will be temporarily suspended.

Guitar: kaede (楓)ピサロを応援してくれていたみんな、残念なお知らせになってしまってごめんなさい。
ピサロ 楓

Google Translate:
Everyone who supported Pisarro, sorry for being unfortunate.
The members of Pisarro were reliable and friendly and I enjoyed playing with them all the best.
However, as I compose in Pisarro, the music I wanted to do, the sound I wanted to make became clear, and it was not the form of Pisarro that I already aimed for by five people.
I was struggling to make this music in such a situation and at the same time told the intention of withdrawing feeling the limit.
It is a little time remaining until May 20th, but I will play with it as a kaede of Pisarro that time is a small time.
Thank you for your consideration.
Pisarro kaede

Bass: yumeピサロでの活動をしている時間の経過の速さは本当に尋常じゃなかったです。
ピサロ 夢

Google Translate:
The speed of time that I was doing at Pisarro was not really ordinary.
Recording immediately after the previous band and shooting Ar Shoot immediately from there.
Designers, members and oh, if they were discussing that it was not like this, it was schedule for the start announcement in a flash.
After starting it sometimes I can not leave the results I expected but the members all spent time with such a lot of time to make a discussion saying that it is not even the other members, it is not such a thing, The time was irreplaceable and it was only really fun time.
Within two years I got a lot of work and the picture and costume changed steadily.
If it noticed, one man live performed four times even if it included free. I think that this was a time that I could realize because all the members were able to tackle after being convinced.
Last summer I was hospitalized and had surgery and had a long vacation. Meanwhile, the other four really worked hard, I asked them to help me, I would like to support you and I really appreciate how much appreciation I can thank for this member.
At the same time experience of this time was the reason I felt my life with life only once.
The goal and ambition of this band in myself after the one man of FNV of last year was still clear but there was more time to conflict as time goes on and it will be good as it is, I began thinking that continuing the band with continuing the band would be negative for this band, so I decided to consult with all the members around last winter.
Of course, there was also a word that you want the members to think about, but at the same time, at the same time, there was the word that we can not stop it if we decided yume, there was no choice but it went through and I came to the conclusion this time .
Even in the sentence slightly before, I put out the word that life is only once. The feeling that I want to grow even more as a bassist and a human being is still very strong now.
There is no common “musicality difference” or “incompatibility with members” that is common in these announcements. Pisarro’s music and Pisarro’s members love it too much and can not explain with their mouth alone.
So I will take care of every single exhibition as a bassist as a member of Pisarro until the one – man live of the second anniversary of May 20th, so please do not miss it until the day. And I’m sorry really for this kind of announcement this time.
Pisarro yume

Vocal: kairi (虎歪)応援してくれている印象派の君達へ。
君達にもわかってほしい。僕達が出したこの答えを。身勝手な結論なのはわかってる。でも絶対この2年を無駄にしないと誓うよ。カイリ 楓 弥妓 夢 渉 5人でのピサロは此処で立ち止まってしまうかもしれないけれど。繋いだ手を離してしまうけれど、君達からもらった色でこれからも描いていくから。
ピサロ カイリ

Google Translate:
To the people of Impressionism who are supporting us.
As it was announced this time, 2018.5.20 It is now that Gt.kaede, Ba.yume is withdrawing from Pisarro 2nd Anniversary Exhibition – Hell Colors Pastel.
Last year at the end of the year, I was told to you at the meeting. Well a lot of days that only that matter continues for a while. The year is over. Thinking about thinking about various pathways, possibilities. But even if it is kaede or yume, they keep on music with a smile, if the day is coming, I wonder if that is OK. Eventually I got it all together within myself. Although it may be lightly grasped, friends with a variety of emotions of emotions says when it’s fun and painful.
So I did not expect to convince him to hold back after receiving the confession after all. Because I knew that they were the same true intention they had made. It is the answer given by a large adult. It is because they are important people, because they are the ones who think like families. I want to see you off.
I want you to understand. This answer that we made out. I know that it is selfish conclusion. But I swear I will never waste these two years. Although Pisarro at five people may stop here, though. I will let go of my hand, but I’ll continue drawing from the colors you’ve received from you.
Do not forget. Pizzaro and you guys created songs in Impressionism, and exhibitions.
Until the day it takes a palette full of rich color and passion.
Pisarro kairi

Guitar: yako (弥妓)突然の発表となりましたが、5月20日の高田馬場CLUB PHASEにて行います2周年記念のONEMAN「-獄色パステル-」を持ちまして、楓と夢の脱退、そして僕たちピサロは活動休止することを決めました。
お互い大好きだから、話し出すことに少し勇気が必要だった お互いにね。
本格始動する前の準備期間から今まで、目まぐるしい日々で 楽しいことも嫌なことも不安や怒りを覚えたこともある これからも大好きな日々です。
5月20日のそのときまでこの5人 全力でやらせてもらいます。
ピサロ 弥妓

Google Translate:
Although it was a sudden announcement, we will have ONEMAN “- Prison color pastel -” commemorating the 2nd anniversary at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE on May 20, we will withdraw from kaede and yume, and we will pause the activity I decided to do it.
Although I do not want to admit to stop walking in a really short period of two years, still decided that it is necessary to stop once at present.
There was an offer to withdraw from the member at the end of last year, it took a while to accept the feelings and take it back properly.
At that time I told you that I wanted you to let me bring you home because I can only say gentle words now, I want you to tell me after tightly holding inside of me.
Because we love each other, we needed a little courage to talk to each other.
I still can not get a word well, but I hope every member can make an important milestone after making this decision.
From the preparation period before the real start, it is my favorite days that I have been feeling anxiety and anger from now on, for the quickest days and fun things that I do not know for a while.
Up to now and the future, I want to cherish the time of these five people in Pisarro.
It is a really selfish behavior for everyone who is cheering, but I want you to forgive me.
Until that time of May 20th, I will do all these five people.
Thank you for your consideration.
Pisarro yako

Drums: wataru (渉)今回、こんな発表をすることになってしまって本当にごめんなさい。
ピサロ 渉

Google Translate:
I am sorry really for this announcement to be made this time.
While a lot of bands were withdrawing, living holidays, and disappointing, we had a strong feeling that we would just like to work with themselves, even if we do not go well how good we are 5 I thought I could do my best by just looking at it. I can say with confidence that “Pisarro is good friends with each other” to be recognized by themselves and others, and since we are doing it properly as all of us, we have been able to continue together for over two years if the activity preparation period is also adjusted I think not.
Although it will be long if you talk about details, there is an offer that you want to withdraw from two people at almost the same time, and we discussed various things and it became a withdrawal form. It was not like getting along with one another, but when I saw the front on top of doing music, it was in a different direction. Just when we talked, it was impossible to detain because the answer that came to that conclusion was seriously wanted to face music.
In the spring of three years ago, painful things overlapped both in the band and in the private life, when I was unable to express it in words, I was called to yume and I came back to the band again. From there, kaede joined and kaede joined … and from this story the memories from that band remind me of today as yesterday. I really love everyone. And I love the children who liked Pisarro.
The exhibition with these five people is already over on May 20th, but I think that it is good to support the progress of each member from that period … and the remaining period.
I do not know at all what I’m pretty sure that I can not say that the feelings are not organized, but thanks in the future.
Pisarro wataru

pisarro (ピサロ)

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pisarro (ピサロ)

Debut: May 20th 2016
Hiatus: May 20th 2018

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Vocal: kairi (虎歪)
Guitar: kaede (楓)
Guitar: yako (弥妓)
Bass: yume
Drums: wataru (渉)

Member History

  • Vo. kairi → vishnu → SIVA → gaNesha(kairi) → pisarro(koe→kairi)
  • Gt. kaede → ZERθGATE → EXEQUTE(sou) → pisarro(kaede)
  • Gt. yako → Cardinal → gaNesha(keisuke) → pisarro(yako) 
  • Ba. yume → MAVERICK → VARYL(yume) → pisarro(Vian→yume), DIMLIM(support) 
  • Dr. wataru → THE CRISIS → REECH → LucaRia → the Dice(miya) → pisarro(wataru)

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