SIN.’s guitarist is missing.

SIN. has been on hiatus since August last year but that doesn’t mean the boys stops looking out for each other. Unfortunately have they lost contact with guitarist SAW since the other day and are worried enough to make a public announcement. SAW’s twitter account has been removed but I don’t know exactly since when. Maybe he just want a break. (?) Disappearances like this usually means that the band member wish to depart from the band, but let’s hope he just forgot his phone somewhere and are safe and sound.


Google Translate:
To all our fans and all the people concerned we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support to us all. From the other day, there is a state in which it can not be contacted with SAW, the guitarist of SIN. We can not contact SAW, the guitarist of SIN from the other day. Currently we are checking the safety and facts. We can not answer questions etc. at the moment regarding this matter because there are many unclear points. We sincerely apologize to the fans and all the people concerned who are cheering due to the inconvenience and worry. January 29, Heisei 30 SIN.  leo yuu yura


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Debut: November 28th 2013
Changed name: from Sin. to SIN. in January 2016
Hiatus:  August 30th 2017

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Vocal: leo (玲緒)
Guitar: SAW
Bass: yuu (優)
Drums: yura (結良)
July 28
Feb 7
Oct 19
Jan 26

Member History


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  1. What’s up with all of these band members going missing and not telling anyone their whereabouts? Why is it always incumbent upon someone else to report X was found safe in his girlfriend’s apartment, sleeping off a 3-day piss up? Too much pressure from too sudden fame?

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