Ains-bands cosplaying each other. :-)

Wow, this was confusing! (And I got tricked for a moment! XD)

Ains has sent out a press release regarding their upcoming “Ains End of the year party – Dark Revolution 2017” (アインス忘年会-暗黒革命-2017) which will take place at Takadanobaba AREA on December 22nd. You find more information here. This seems to be the last time GRIEVA, DIAURA and Gossip will perform together and I think they will actually cosplay each other at the event – just as on the photos. (But I don’t know, I’m just guessing.)

Have a close look at the photos below and try to figure out who is who! XD (Or see the answers HERE)


DIAURA (cosplay)

DIAURA (cosplay)

DIAURA (cosplay)

GRIEVA (cosplay)

GRIEVA (cosplay)

GRIEVA (cosplay)

Gossip (cosplay)

Gossip (cosplay)

Gossip (cosplay)

Answer to who is who:


Real yo-ka
yoka – cosplayed…
…by Kyouki (GRIEVA)
Vocal: yo-ka
yo-ka (cosplay)
Vocal: Kyouki (狂鬼)
Real Kei
Kei – cosplayed…
…by satsuki (Gossip)
Guitar: Kei (佳衣)
Kei (cosplay)
Guitar: satsuki (皐)
Real Shoya
Shoya – cosplayed…
…by Hisame (GRIEVA)
Bass: Shoya (翔也)
Shoya (cosplay)
Bass: Hisame (緋雨)
Real Tatsuya
Tatsuya – cosplayed…
…by ritsu (Gossip)
Drums: Tatsuya (達也)
Tatsuya (cosplay)
Drums: ritsu (律)


Real Kyouki
Kyouki – cosplayed…
…by Saku (Gossip)
Vocal: Kyouki (狂鬼)
Kyouki (cosplay)
Vocal: saku (朔)
Real Roku
Roku – cosplayed…
…by Akane (Gossip)
Guitar: Roku (碌)
Haru (cosplay)
Guitar: akane (茜)
Real Haru
Haru – cosplayed…
…by Kei (DIAURA)
Guitar: Haru (陽)
yuugo (cosplay)
Guitar: Kei (佳衣)
Real Hisame
Hisame – cosplayed…
…by zero (Gossip)
Bass: Hisame (緋雨)
Hisame (cosplay)
Bass: zero (零)
Real yuugo
yuugo – cosplayed…
…by Tatsuya  (DIAURA)
Drums: yuugo (優冴)
Roku (cosplay)
Drums: Tatsuya (達也)


Real Saku
Saku – cosplayed…
…by yo-ka (DIAURA)
Vocal: saku (朔) | Gossip (ゴシップ)
saku (cosplay)
Vocal: yo-ka
Real akane
akane – cosplayed…
…by Roku  (GRIEVA)
Guitar: akane (茜) | Gossip (ゴシップ)
akane (cosplay)
Guitar: Roku (碌)
Real satsuki
satsuki – cosplayed…
…by Haru  (GRIEVA)
Guitar: satsuki (皐) | Gossip (ゴシップ)
satsuki (cosplay)
Guitar: Haru (陽)
Real zero
zero – cosplayed…
…by Shoya  (DIAURA)
Bass: zero (零) | Gossip (ゴシップ)
zero (cosplay)
Bass: Shoya (翔也)
Real ristu
ristu – cosplayed…
…by yuugo  (GRIEVA)
Drums: ristu (律) | Gossip (ゴシップ)
ritsu (cosplay)
Drums: yuugo (優冴)

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