Ikebukuro EDGE 29.9.2017: xaa-xaa, gyakushuu no jisakujienya, umbrella, Sibilebashir, kizu (Personal post)

A friend and I headed to Ikebukuro EDGE on September 29th to see four bands. To my delight, we ended up to see five bands!

First up was xaa-xaa, all dressed in costumes accordingly to their latest look. Kazuki did initially wear a long black wig and all the hair made it impossible to see his face. xaa-xaa is a favorite band of ours. They stand out from the majority of bands with their raw, passionated and emotional rock. Kazuki’s voice expresses pain and despair. He tumbled around on the stage which was decorated with yellow caution tape and someone had tied up a small hide-doll on one of the amplifiers. Kazuki’s perfomance was very theatrical and a bit clumpsy (intentionally). The wig was removed after the first song.

This was the first time I saw xaa-xaa live, and I really liked it. It’s a very good band. We had a lot of fun while Kazuki pointed us to run from side to side, as a part of the furi.

gyakushuu no jisakujienya
Second band was gyakushuu no jisakujienya, which I was very eager too see. I’m a fan of gin’s old band “Scarlett” and think their sound are very much alike; jazzy, melodic, but also energetic and heavy occasionally. They are such a charming band and gin danced and kicked around like there was no tomorrow. I love band members who gives it all, even though they must be dead tired afterwards. I have a weird fondness for megaphones with built-in sirens, so I couldn’t hide my excitement when gin picked one up. I love that sound! Since I’ve had a hard time to find gyakushuu no jisakujienya’s CD’s in Europe, I decided to by everything they had after the show.

The third band was a suprise for us, ’cause we didn’t know they were going to perform. I guess the venue updated this information pretty late on the website. On stage stood umbrella. It’s a band I’ve been pretty fond of lately and did actually search for tickets to any of their shows, but without luck. Now I got the chance to see them anyway!
umbrella is a bit more mature band in contrast to the rest. You can see that they are mature men with a life story. They are confident and experienced on stage. They were amazingly good live and I kind of fell in love anew. I loved watching vocalist yui pick up the guitar and play while singing (vocalists who also plays an instrument are sooooo yum). I can’t descibe my joy when they ended their performance by playing “Alan” (a song I absolutely love) and letting us sing in chorus. I simply had to buy a CD from them that I didn’t have before.

1. 非「情」階段
2. 掌ドロップ
3. スカイフィッシュ
4. レッドシグナルデイ
5. Witch?
6. アラン

Fourth band was the crazy one. You know which one I’m talking about; Sibilebashir. I have mixed feelings for this band. I’m really fascinated by their style and crazy perfomances, but doesn’t necessary love all their songs. I’m really happy I got a chance to see them before disbanding though.
They started up with a slow song in which Izumi show up his vocal skills. I really didn’t knew that he has SUCH an amazing voice. He can really, really sing well – and strong! After that intro, it all got crazier and Izumi did his theatrical thing on stage with wide movements and crazy facial expressions. Initially, he wore an eyepatch which he ripped off to reveal a red eye. Somewhere in the end, it looked like he “puked” some kind of green goo. He smeared it all over his face and on his blouse. Since his mouth is mostly wide opened, we could see that his entire palate, tounge and teeths was covered in bright green paint. I hope it wasn’t poisionous…. 😛 I couldn’t help mysefl from wondering who would have to clean the mike after them, green as well. ^_-
They were very entertaining live. I hope to see Izumi back in a new band soon.

Last band was kizu. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far from them and think they had a fun promotional technique in the beginning (that one with the phone-calls). I couldn’t help myself from judging Lime due to his time in LEZARD though. I saw him performing in LEZARD 2½ years ago and that was something completely different. LEZARD wasn’t bad, but just not my cup or tee, so to speak.
However, Lime’s effort in kizu was much more engaging and professional. He seemed really cool and relaxed on stage… he has som experience after all. And I must say that they were pretty heavy! And Lime has a really good voice! It’s a bit of 80s’ metal over it. I think kyonosuke looked a little bit scary though… ^_- with his spooky makeup and weird facial expressions while sitting behind his drums. I think he plays his character very well. ^_- This band was extremely popular cheki-wise. Not many fans bought their album (I guess they already had it), but everyone bought huge amount of chekis which they traded between each other. Reiki was the less popular one. I always feel bad when things like that gets so obvious. I just hope he’s unaware of that. ❤

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