Shinjuku BLAZE 28.9.2017: chariots, VRZEL, DiSPiИA, tokinokito, JACK+MW, yumeleep, bankitai, VEGION (Personal Post)

On September 28th did I and a friend head to Shinjuku BLAZE to see 8 bands:

  • bankitai
  • tokinokito
  • yumeleep
  • chariots
  • DiSPiИA

I didn’t take any notes and I won’t be so descriptive. This is primarily a note for myself to remember this live.

We were some minutes late and missed the first song of VEGION. They are still a small band and I haven’t heard so much of them, but I must say that I got positively surprised. They were totally OK and surely have potential, so give them a chance!

bankitai is another band that still has been a bit unfamiliar to me, even though I follow them on social media etc. They were really good as well, energetic and hard and got the audience fired up very well. They all made a fun entering with their tools/weapons.

I’ve been curious about JACK+MW and their music is totally OK, even though I’ve not become a super fan yet. The vocalist, LUCA, is extremly handsome and they all did a very good show. I just wish the audience were more into it. Even saizen seemed confused and unsure about the furi.

tokinokito is another band that I knew about but not enough to mention any song. I noticed by the fans’ reactions that they were pretty popular though, and after a while I understood why. They were really good and had this nice mix of heaviness, melody and charisma. I decided to buy some of their CDs after their show. 🙂

yumeleep was familiar to me and my friend and I’ve been following Makuranemu and tamate since their time in melvel. When the curtains were removed, they stood their in front of the stage, wearing their small aries horns. They got quickly removed since I get it’s a bit unpractical accessories for a wild show. yumeleep were good performers, but I easily get bored by Makuranemu’s monotone singing. It’s just not my cup of tea. From this night:

VRZEL was one of the more popular bands tonight and I must confess that I fell in love a bit. Cion was really sexy and provided us with some fan-sevice… ^_- He’s charismatic and seemed confident on stage, so… all thumbs up!

chariots was my main reason to go to Shinjuku BLAZE this night. I’ve been a huge fan of Riku since his days in Phantasmagoria and Lin and I bought this ticket without hesitation when I saw that chariots would perform. Guitarist Kaz wasn’t there since he’s been hospitalized and they had no visible support – but it was amazing anyway. You easily tell that Riku has been working in this industry for quite some time and know how to do it well. He’s confident, funny and extremely energetic live. It was a delight to see them all perform. Riku played around with an over-sized gun, and definitely gave it all, even though the audience wasn’t very big. Thank you for this show, chariots! ❤

Last band of tonight and the 2nd best (according to me) was DiSPiИA. Both me and my friend expected some heavy headbanging and it surely got delivered. A band with charm, humor and a big chunk of rock and metal. It was really fun to see them live and I decided to buy 2 of their CDs. 🙂 I would like to see them again.

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