Bassist Teoh has left DEVIZE.

It was announced some months ago that DEVIZE’s bassist Teoh suffered from acute liver dysfunction and needed several months of medical treatment. Now he has requested to depart from the band entirely which has been accepted from all other people involved. I sure hop he’ll be OK and can return to the music industry one day. DEVIZE has published an official explanation in English on their webpage:

An important notice from DEVIZE
Thank you for always supporting DEVIZE.
We have received a request from Ba. Teoh himself, who is under medical care right now.
After discussions between the member, staff and the office, his request has been accepted and therefore he will leave the band as of today.
We are very sorry to betray all the fans who have patiently waited for Teoh’s return.
DEVIZE will be a three-member band for now, but as we will continue please support us from now on as well.

DEVIZE・Double River Record

Bass: teoh (テオ)Message of Ba.Teoh
Thank you for always supporting DEVIZE.
I am DEVIZE’s bassist Teo.
I am sorry that this is so sudden but today I have announced my retirement.
After I suddenly lost my consciousness and had to be transported to the hospital by the ambulance, while I was under medical treatment I have come to the conclusion that I can not move forward the same way I did before and therefore have decided to retire.
When I was under medical care, I got a lot of messages and through the hope and expectation of each of you, I felt encouraged.
I feel very frustrated with myself by betraying you through not being able to do anything else but retire.

I know it is a mistake for the betrayer me to say it, but I write my feelings down in regards to all the hope I got.

In myself, all that hit me while all the concerts until now, all this heat, has not and never will cool down.

In my heart it will always, always live on.
And the reason why why I could go on with all my power and soul was only because the screams of my heart have been reciprocated by you.
Thank you so much.
And also I am very sorry to have chosen the road that makes me betray the people who have kept on screaming after I collapsed.

I can not say more than thank you and I am so sorry.

My last wish is that DEVIZE does not end only because I leave.
アル・フィオン、LARM and 爬-tomoe- won’t stop but, they will keep walking.

That’s why I wish that from now on as well you will always support DEVIZE.
I wish that you continue screaming,


It’s gotten quite long but this is the end of my comment.
Until now, really, thank you very much.

The last words are the words I think you always use when you are leaving someone.

Ja ne… (bye bye…)


Vocal: al fion (アル・フィオン)Message of Vo.Alfion
This announcement is for everyone who always support DEVIZE, from the start we have doing activities as a 4 member band and it’s regrettable that lately there is one person missing.

I talked with Teoh a lot about various things, after all I respect Teoh’s intention and decision.
I feel like maybe it was my own inadequacy that things resulted like this.
Of course DEVIZE will continue with me, Gt.LARM and Dr.-tomoe- as a 3 member band.

DEVIZE keeps going on, also someday I really want that we become a band that will be “amazing” in Teoh’s eyes.
Maybe for those who feel confused with the environment and who are unfamiliar of the 3 member of DEVIZE cannot accept that we will continue.
However, I cannot stop walking.
So let’s give our best for DEVIZE’s future, thank you.

Vo. Alfion

Drums: tomoe (爬)Message of Dr.-tomoe-
I felt confused by his sudden announcement, it also gave me a very strapped feeling.
About 1½ year passed and various things happened.
Things went well, even if careless things happened as a leader.
We discussed a long time about this matter, but his feelings did not change.
Although, I felt really sad when I heard his decision, that he has to go his own way.
For the future, Teoh, please push yourself forward to walk another way without any regrets.
Teoh, Thank you very much for your hard work of these 1½ years.
It really makes me sad and I’m really sorry that we cannot continue with DEVIZE with the original 4 members.
Still with this provision the band can grow up.
Also for the future, let’s give our best, thank you.


Guitar: LARMMessage of Gt.LARM
To everyone who always supported us.
I’m really sorry that we made such announcement.

Since the start I always talked with Teoh about lot’s of guitar stuff. So when he told me his story, I really was frustrated and sad.
I talked over and over with him and I tried to change his mind, but he did keep his decision and I decided to accept it.

I’m very sorry that this decision was made for those who supported DEVIZE as a 4 member band.
However DEVIZE won’t disband, we will continue to give all our power also in the future.
Also for the future, thank you very much.



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Debut: March 30th 2016

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al fion
Vocal: al fion (アル・フィオン)
Guitar: LARM
Bass: teoh (テオ)
Drums: tomoe (爬)
Nov 3
Oct 30
May 30
Feb 12

Member History

  • Vo. al fion → shadow → Lydiac(mikado) → DEVIZE
  • Gt. LARM → shadow → Lydiac(reiki) → DEVIZE
  • Ba. teoh →  shadow → Lydiac(jin) → DEVIZE
  • Dr. tomoe → ArcGarden → AvelCain(Sou) → reirei(Ba.reito) → DEVIZE(Dr.tomoe)

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