[M.A.D] Tour at Akasaka BLITZ: MEJIBRAY, Arlequin, DIAURA [o.a. Gossip] (Personal Post)

I went to Akasaka BLITZ on September 21st to see DIAURA, Arlequin and MEJIBRAY. This would be my last chance to see MEJIBRAY live before their hiatus. Arlequin is my favorite among these three though. I’ve seen them all before so I knew I could expect a great show.

[M.A.D] Tour at Akasaka BLITZ: MEJIBRAY, Arlequin, DIAURA (o.a. Gossip)

Akasaka BLITZ is a bigger venue than the regular ones I go to and unfortunately I was among the last to get in. I was pleased with my spot anyway and had a good view.

According to the band-shirts of the fans, I made the assumption that DIAURA was the least popular band and hence would perform first. But I got a great surprise when the curtains revealed the stage and there stood Gossip!

Somehow I’ve missed that they were going to be the opening act and I couldn’t hide my excitement. I love Gossip. I will go to one of their onemans in a week and so, so at a moment I got confused and thought that I’ve went to the wrong concert. That’s what this heat do to my brain. XD

Gossip was awesome. They played the “freeze-game” with us to… I think it was “dareka-san ga koronda”. saku sang a piece, turned towards the drummer, and then he jump around 180 degrees and they all got totally quiet. And so did we. And we were supposed to “freeze” in the middle of our movement. My part of the audience lost first and had to sit down. ^_-

Gossip (ゴシップ) -大日本鬼端児組 悪童会に占拠されゴシップ-

Gossip wore their last look’s outfit. You know the; red one. I love it. In total they sang 3 songs and even made the audience sing. I was impressed how well the fans knew the lyrics, even though this “M.A.D.” tour wasn’t Gossip’s.

After Gossip it was DIAURA’s turn, as expected. They wore the latest look with Yo-ka in red. Still a very handosme man. They were good and played around 6 songs. These guys looked so mature this time…. I was pretty spellbound by Kei and Shoya.


Then it was Arlequins turn and I really love their beautiful songs. I’m a sucker for melodies in minor. A bigger concert, like this, doesn’t get as intimate as the small ones though – so there’s some magic missing. None of the bands tonight were crazy either, which smaller bands sometimes get. I guess these boys have grown up. ^_- They played around 6 songs too. I love to see how Aki’s hair lose it’s styling bit by bit after each song. ^_- His voice didn’t really work all way through, but I still believe they made a really good performance.

Arlequin (アルルカン)

The air conditioner in my area was really bad and it started to get really hot. There was not much air. I also forgot to grab a water bottle before entering, so I started to get a bit fatiqued.

Then it was MEJIBRAY and it’s been quite some time since I saw them last time. Back then they were “darker” and revealed a lot of skin. This time they looked totally different. The only one who looked “visual” from my spot was MiA, wearing this white outfit with cap. Meto’s hair seemed totally unstyled, as well as Tzusukus (at least from what I could see).


Koichi had put his hair in a pony-tail and wore baggy clothes. Tsuzuku wore baggy black pants and a baggy black hoodie. At least in the beginning. Under it he had a Meto MEJIBRAYlong black shirt. I believe Tzusuku enjoy his new hairdo, blond and all, but I kind of miss his dark era. 🙂

When the curtains went up, Meto sat in the front of the stage with, resting his head in his hands, looking a bit mischievious. And after two songs they had a bit longer break in which a bunch of staff with flash lights searched around his drumset in the dark. He must have dropped something.

I must say that MEJIBRAY was the most musically impressive tonight. They are extremely good musicians and Tsuzuku has a strong and controlled voice. In the middle of one song, MiA jumped up on Meto’s drummer-stand and filmed us with his smartphone. You can see the video here:

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I really don’t like MiA’s cape… ^_- To me it looks a little silly when he poses now and then, stretching it out like a super hero. I’m thankful that one of the staffs helped him take it off later, since he failed doing it himself. ^_- But don’t get me wrong – I love him for keeping his visual self. 🙂

In the end of the show, the curtains started to fall. Tsuzuku sang emotionally and you could hear his voice crack. At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I understood it was part of the show. The curtains hit the floor and it got so quiet. Then you could hear the microphone drop on the floor. Dramatic. 🙂

It was a really nice show and it would be nice to see some of them again. 🙂

Following video is not from this night’s show. Just want to show you MiA’s outfit. 🙂

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