Ikebukuro EDGE 18.9.2017: MORRIGAN, DatuRΛ, GRIEVA, Balalaika, SAVAGE, NIL UNDER RAIN, BUK BUK, LIM (Personal post)

On September 18th did I and a friend from JROCK NEWS head to Ikebukuro Edge to see 8 bands:

  • LIM
  • DatuRΛ
  • Balalaika

I didn’t make any notes since I had company… Unfortunately I have the memory of a gold fish, but let’s see what I can recall from that night… ^_-

First out was LIM, a band I know very little about. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t very memorable either. Their look was quite plain and I don’t know if I would call it visual kei to be honest. Enjoyable though. They did a good job.


Second on stage was NIL UNDER RAIN with a petit and very handsome singer. Not bad either, but just didn’t make any bigger impression on me. But they are pretty new so maybe they will grow. I think they ave potential.


The first WOW of tonight was DatuRΛ. I haven’t seen them live before but their releases have faschinated me. They had a quite plain look, which was a little bit disappointing (everybody wore black regular clothes except Ayato who wore white regular clothes) but that got compensated by Ayato’s incredible charisma.


Wow. Just wow.

He sure is a very handsome man – and much taller than I thought – but there was something spellbinding over his appearance. He appeared pretty serious and didn’t smile alot. He wore round sunglasses in the beginning which he took off later. He stared at us with big crazy – and a bit empty – eyes, like a maniac. Very very sexy. The performance was very professional and he had a great voice. I’m a little bit disappointed that they didn’t play “imitation” though… But definitely a band worth to go see live and that I would consider to see again. If you want eyecandy – go see Ayato. XD

DatuRΛ setlist:


Balalaika had a quite dramatic intro. When the curtains revealed the stage there was a big bunny. Well, a man in a bunny costume. I guess we all knew that it was L. ^_- He lifted off the bunny head slowly and revealed his face – and started singing. Still with a body of a bunny. That must have been extremely warm. I’ve seen Balalaika before, and also L’s old band “The 3rd birthday”, so I knew I could expect a great show. It was hard, energetic and they had a great contact with the audience. Of course he jumped out of that bunny costume after a while. He also threw a rain of money over us. Bararaika money. ^_-


Last time I saw BUK BUK, they were pretty unknown to me and I totally fell in love with their crazy energy. It was the same this time. The vocalist ran around and interacted with the audience a lot – even jumped down to us, mingled and tried to lead shy girls towards the stage. He also noted that we were a lot of westerners in the audience and said something in English, like “I’m good at English” or “I’m not good at English”… I’m not sure. ^_- Anyway, that vocalist has a LOT of hair… I wonder what products he uses. ^_- They were fun to watch! Thanks for your show, BUK BUK!


And GRIEVA…. one of my favorites. I’m devastated about the fact that they will disband. This was my last chance seeing them live – and they rocked hard. I don’t think I’ve seen Kyouki smile this much before and that warmed my heart.


Then it was MORRIGAN, which are heading to Europe soon for a tour. I was pretty curious of how I would react to them live. Now, some days later, I mostly remember how professional they were, and ARYU is beautiful as a god. By some reason I thought he would look very young, but now I realise that he’s actually a mature guy. He was very sexy; licking the microphone, sensually nibbling his finger and tie. They wore clothes from their old look (the one before devil/angel one). Very much entertaining to see live, so make sure to go see the in Europe – OK?


Last was SAVAGE and they were really awesome. Hard and fun. I feel I haven’t been listening enough to them before, so I better do my homework. A very tough and satisfying end of this night.


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