UNDEUX at Takadanobaba AREA 17.9.2017 (Personal post)

I’m on vacation in Tokyo right now and on September 17th I went to takadanobaba AREA to see 7 bands. I’ll try to post a little note about each performance in case anyone is curious. 🙂 A big thanks to the service of Ticket Japaaan who helped me to get my hands on concert tickets for this journey as well. ❤You can see all my posts from this night HERE.
Third band on stage this night made me really surprised. Their name was not on my ticket and I had no idea that they were going to play tonight. Now, afterwards, I know that this is a band that I once put on my “band-to-write-about”-list for the blog and this was actually their debut live. In other words, this was a fresh new band and their name is UNDEUX (アンドゥー).UNDEUX

I never thought I was going to say this – knowing which bands to play tonight – but according to me, UNDEUX was the absolut hit this night.

When the curtain opened, there sat one lonely person in the middle of the stage with his arms around his knees. He wore a paper bag on his head with an eye drawed on it. He just sat there, entirely still and quiet. Then the other members stepped in and the drummer slapped the paperbag-boy in the head.  Hey that’s not nice!

Last entered the vocalist Riku. I would never have recognized him at that point ’cause I hardly could see his face during the entire performance. His big, wavy hair covered his face. He wore a short black skirt and black tights which suited him very well. All members were pretty dressy in white shirts and black jackets with red stains…. 🙂 They were all super cute.

UNDEUX show was a crazy, energetic, heavy, euphoria right through. The vocalist wore a snare and some kind of computer cabel around his neck. They all had bloody, dirty hands and since I’ve seen pictures of them where they cut their wrists, I guess this was a symbol of that. The paperbag boy – who actually is one of the guitarists – kept playing with that thing on. He didn’t seem to wanna remove it. You got pretty curious of who was behind it.

The vocalist had dark stripes painted on his throat, just like Ruki in the GazettE. For a moment I wondered if it was actually Vexent I saw on stage, but I didn’t recognize the music.

Such show. So much headbang and crazy furi. I realised that my neck would hurt so much the other day. I’m sure Riku’s head will hurt as well. Overall, they were incredible live, so I would like to recommend everyone to go see them: UNDEUX! Go see UNDEUX! ^^

Bass: Koji (コウジ)

Bass: Koji with ray (LAVANS)

Riku truly gave everything, like if there was no tomorrow. I got exhausted just by looking at him dancing, jumping, running and swirling around. In the middle of his crazy dance, he kicked off his shoes and I noticed that even seizen started to get tired. They couldn’t keep up with his madness. Must be the first time I’ve seen that. ^^

The drummer had grape vine hanging fromm his hair. I thought they were fake, but according to his twitter, he has cultivated them himself.

This was one of these band that you fall in love with when you see them live. I don’t think they can make their performance justice with any music video.

I really would like to find out their member history, ’cause these guys simply can’t be newcomers. Riku was extremely charismatic and seemed very experienced, a wonderful growler, screamer and entertainer.

Guitar: Alu (アル)

Guitar: Alu (photo from event)

In the end, the vocalist led the paperbag-boy to the front of the stage and it looked like he was about to reveal his face. But then he changed his mind and everybody left the stage. ^_- Mr. X keeps being a mystery. ^_-

I sure want to see them again one day!

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UNDEUX (アンドゥー)

Debut: September 17th 2017

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Vocal: Riku (裏喰-リク-)
Guitar: Alu (アル)
Guitar: Mr.X
Bass: Koji (コウジ)
Drums: Luchat (ルシャ)

Member History

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