PIGLOW in GLOOMY at Takadanobaba AREA 17.9.2017 (Personal post)

I’m on vacation in Tokyo right now and on September 17th I went to takadanobaba AREA to see 7 bands. I’ll try to post a little note about each performance in case anyone is curious. 🙂 A big thanks to the service of Ticket Japaaan who helped me to get my hands on concert tickets for this journey as well. ❤

You can see all my posts from this night HERE.

Second band on stage this night was PIGLOW in GLOOMY, one of these bands that actually made me buy this event ticket. I hadn’t seen them before but I like what I’ve heard online and I was eager to buy their CDs.

Their part of the show started with ghostly music and the scraping sound from an old record. Light flashed behind the curtain which eventually revealed the three guys dressed up in pyjamas. Their shoulders were decorated with something brown fluffy/trashy… in that light I couldn’t see if it was fur, leaves, shreds of fabric or feathers. I must say that I’m not a fan of this outfit. It was really ugly. ^_-  I also noted that they were barefoot.


Pig masks was hanged on the drum set and the vocalist sniffed loudly in the mike like if he had a cold. He sang emotionally with a vibe of calm insanity and held the microphone stand in a convulsive grip. He looked a little bit drugged – which was part of the show of course. This was that kind of band that hardly interacted with the audience at all. They all seemes introverted, looked down and just played like if they were stuck in their own dream.

They started up with a very slow and calm song, but levelled up to a more energetic and hard one. The audience headbanged with passion.

They had a little break between the songs where you could hear Bach’s “Air” play in the background. The vocalist kept sniffing. I started to suspect that he had a cold for real. What if he had a fever? Maybe that’s why he was so slow in his movements?

This venue has rows of fences in it. They are padded so the fans can jump up and bend over them while headbanging deeply. PIGLOW n GLOOMY’s music is good live, just as I expected. They started to make more contact with the audience after a while, encuraged us to shout and follow a certain furi. When the vocalist fell down on his knees and stretched his arms to the sides, his pyjamas formed this big dark square in the middle of the light beams. And suddenly he was lying on the floor, we could only see his bare feet sticking up.


Photo from this date.

PIGLOW in GLOOMY was heavy and wonderful. During their last song, the vocalist took one of the seizen-girls’ towel and threw it in her face quite aggressively. Hey, is that a nice thing to do to one of your biggest fans? I personally have a hard time to understand that kind of treatment to a fan, but… I’m old. Kids nowadays are strange. 😛

I must say that I love the fact that they have proper air conditioning in these small Japanese venues. It’s not that sweaty dreadful feeling as in many European ones. Here it’s actually more chilly inside than outside, and that helps you to enjoy the concert even more. ❤


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