Personal interview with Ryu, Sakurayuki & Yahiro (OROCHI)

I have been curious and fascinated by OROCHI since the very first time I heard them. They stand out within the Japanese visual kei scene due to their unique sound which is modern rock and eastern tradition combined.

In case you didn’t know, OROCHI is a samurai visual kei band that has been around for thirteen years. The front figure is Ryu who is vocalist and composer. He masters several traditional Japanese instruments such as nohkan, dragon flute, koto and biwa which give OROCHI’s music a distinct ethnic sound that truly sounds Japanese. That’s very exotic for a westerner like me. At the same time it is heavy rock music that speaks to my inner metal-head.


OROCHI have had several different members since its beginning and Ryu has been running the project all by himself lately. Hence I got pretty surprised when he recently introduced two new members that are part of OROCHI today: SAKURAYUKI and YAHIRO.

I got so curious about these guys and OROCHI’s upcoming plans so I decided to interview them. If you haven’t heard about OROCHI before then this is your chance to get to know each of them a little bit.

A major thanks to Ruth who has been working with the translation: Ruth’s Facebook Page

Interview July 2017:

Vocal: RYU

Vocal: RYU

Do you have any upcoming releases or other news for your fans?

Ryu: We are going to release a new CD on the 3rd of August. You will be able to buy it from the official website or by sending an email to On November 19th we are going to perform at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 in Tokyo, Japan. This will be our first one man gig as the new OROCHI. It’s gonna rock, so please come and go mad!

Sometimes you let fans from overseas attend to OROCHI’s lives free of charge. Will we still be able to do that?

Ryu: Thank you so much for coming from overseas. We have not decided yet concerning our one-man gig on November 19th.

What is your main inspiration behind music-composing?

Ryu: My main inspiration comes from the melody, the piano and the guitar riffs! I get inspiration from new instruments so sometimes I create melody and riff at the music shop.

Do you write your lyrics yourself?

Ryu: Yes. The lyrics are about nature, Japan’s four seasons, love, life, and emotions.

Why did you decide to add more members to OROCHI after being a one-man band for such a long time?

Ryu: It was a coincidence. I’m a composer for the major game “Konami GITADORA.” One day I needed to go to the Game Center, though I don’t usually go there. I needed to play the GITADORA game for research as a composer. I went to a lot of Game Centers but most of them were already closed, so I had to to go to a Game Center that was kind of far away. I got to the Game Center and found the GITADORA game. When I was playing the guitar, some guy accidentally hit the switch for group play!
That guy was Sakurayuki. We played the game a few times, then we went to a restaurant and he became a member of OROCHI!
The bassist Yahiro and I played together in a cover band several times. In February he said “I wanna join OROCHI” all of a sudden!

Sakurayuki and Yahiro; what is your musical history and why did you join OROCHI?



Sakurayuki: Before joining OROCHI, I composed for the music simulation game called Konami GITADORA. I got to know Ryu-san at the Game Center and joined the band! It only took me three days to decide to join OROCHI.

Yahiro: I liked heavy metal and still do. I met Ryu in a cover band. He’s a good guy. We did music together so I joined OROCHI.

Do all the members write music together?

Ryu: Up until now I was the only composer, but on the next CD we have Sakurayuki’s song called “Matsuri” which means “carnival”. It’s catchy rock music! Please look forward to it! Yahiro is also composing a song, so please look forward to it!

Ryu, can you tell us anything about previous trips overseas?

Ryu: I’ve visited old castles and beautiful buildings. The view of the cities are marvelous. Also, the food always make me bigger, it’s delicious!

What’s the biggest difference between Western fans and Japanese fans?

Ryu: There is no big difference. We are always one big OROCHI clan at the gig. I can’t wait to perform overseas!

Have you other guys been overseas?

Sakurayuki: I’ve been to Hong Kong one time. If I get to go overseas again I want to go to a country that is 180 degrees different from Japan on the cultural sphere. I wanna try to really savor the feeling of an exotic land.

Yahiro: I’ve been to Britain and USA. It was about 10 years ago.

How do you prepare yourself before a live show?

Ryu: I sleep well and drink lots of water and eat candy. I try not to stay in venues much before going on stage because the air is not fresh.

Sakurayuki: I sleep well. LOL

Yahiro: By being natural, relaxing and on instinct.

What is one of your favorite things about being in a band?



Sakurayuki: My outlook has really expanded, y’know? There was something I couldn’t see alone, or didn’t understand alone, but it has become distinct and I can appreciate it now. That is, as you’ve probably guessed, having the listeners right before my eyes. That’s something I didn’t get to enjoy as a game composer. The live musician can see the audience and there is feeling. That’s the best thing about being in a band, when we do live shows.

Yahiro: The music, the concept of OROCHI, rock with classic Japanese style!

What’s your biggest challenge as an artist?

Sakurayuki: It’s common, but I want to communicate feelings to all the listeners at will, to get lots of people to enjoy coming together as one. I want to become that kind of performer.

Yahiro: I’d love to participate in an event with other genres, not just visual kei. I want to go on growing from here.

Can you do your own stage makeup?

Sakurayuki: I learned how to do makeup through self-study and by watching videos on youtube!

Yahiro: I’m still practicing makeup. I’m grateful for the makeup artist.

What kind of music do you listen to? Can you mention any artists?

Ryu: I don’t listen to any particular artist because I always want to be original. So, I listen to any kind of music, like background music in the cafe or even a river flowing down the mountain.

Sakurayuki: I love anime songs. LOL

Yahiro: I listen to various kinds of artists, like Twilight Force and Alcest.

Do you have any specific life-goals?

Ryu: I want to be a billion-seller! I want to spread OROCHI’s music as far as possible and visit every country on Earth!

Sakurayuki: Since my “goal” is always improving over time, I can’t really say, LOL. No finish line! I just keep running towards it and do my best!

Yahiro: I want to have a concert on a bigger stage!


As a child, what did you dream of becoming as an adult?

Ryu: I wanted to become a Samurai, because I watched so many Samurai movies and cartoons!

Sakurayuki: I wanted to be a Manga artist.

Yahiro: I wanted to be a cartoonist, but not anymore!

Can you tell us about a favorite hobby?

Sakurayuki: I like the music simulation game. It’s a hobby that changed the course of my life!

Yahiro: Reading. I like adventure novels.

What is your favorite food?

Ryu: Cheese and liver ploast.

Sakurayuki: Rice with raw egg!

Yahiro: Tofu. Grilled or boiled or chilled. It’s delicious!

Do you have any pets?

Sakurayuki: I want a rabbit and a cat!

Yahiro: I love cats and parrots!

orochiIf you won the lottery and became very rich, what would you do with the money?

Sakurayuki: I would play music games until the money runs out. LOL

Yahiro: I would use the money for BBQ!

Finishing up the interview, do you have a special message for fans?

Ryu: OROCHI is immortality! Please look forward to see our gig in the future!

Sakurayuki: Thank you so much, always. I love ya.

Yahiro: The dragon (ryu) -OROCHI- is leaping forward. It’s going to meet you who see this, without fail. Let’s meet at the live! See you at the show someday!

Translator: Ruth

OROCHI (オロチ)

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OROCHI (オロチ)

Formed: 2004

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Vocal: RYU
March 30
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  • Gt. Yuichiro Kimura areas, OROCHI(support/ranmaru)
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