“Aka to Aoi” by Purple Stone (album details + trailers)

Purple Stone will release their first album “Aka to Aoi” (赤と青) on August 23rd and here is two trailers!

Album: Aka to Aoi (赤と青)
Release date: August 23rd 2017

1. panic panic (パニックパニック)
2. BLAME (Re-recording ver.)
3. Aoiyami (アオイヤミ)
4. mirror ball (ミラーボール)
5. Imperial Dragon (Instrumental)
6. Kaitenmokuba (回転木馬)
7. sakura.
8. Scar (Re-recording ver.)
9. desaba (デサバ)
10. catwalk (キャットウォーク)
11. subarashiki kono sekai e (素晴らしきこの世界へ)
12. poison chocolate (ポイズンチョコレート)
13. kabukichou butterfly (歌舞伎町バタフライ)
14. usotsuki pierot (嘘つきピエロ)
15. amazuppai mango (甘酸っぱいマンゴー)
16. adrenalin BANG! (アドレナリンBANG!)

Purple Stone (パープルストーン)

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Purple Stone (パープルストーン)

Debut: March 30th 2013

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Vocal: keiya
template-cakeMay 30th
Guitar & programming:
Guitar & programming: GAK
template-cakeJan 16th
FUMA (風麻)
Bass: FUMA (風麻)
template-cakeJune 28th
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Member History

  • Vo. keiya → WAR-ED → HAZZE(kubota keiya) → Purple Stone
  • Gt. GAK → ZEALITH → HAZZE(matsuzawa gaku) → Purple Stone
  • Ba. FUMA → Naifu → HAZZE(murakami fuma) → Purple Stone

Support members:

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