“Zettai LOVER” by Smileberry (single details + PV preview + NEW MEMBERS + NEW LOOK)

Guitarist paru, bassist yuna and drummer charlie left Smileberry on May 13th, but the band has already presented a new lineup. The new members are bassist NoA and drummer Rio (ex-GAGA).

They will release their new maxi single “Zettai LOVER” (絶対LOVER) on August 9th and here is a PV preview. As you can see, they also have a new look!

Maxi single: Zettai LOVER (絶対LOVER)
Release date: August 9th 2017

1. Zettai LOVER (絶対LOVER)
2. Monochrome Kataomoi (モノクロ片想い)

New lineup & new look

Vocal: Motoki

Vocal: Motoki

Guitar: ritsu (律)

Guitar: ritsu (律)

Bass: NoA

Bass: NoA

Drums: Rio (理緒)

Drums: Rio (理緒)


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Debut: September 10th 2015

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ritsu (律)
Vocal: Motoki
Guitar: ritsu (律)
Bass: NoA
Drums: Rio (理緒)
Nov 21
June 17
Dec 31
Sep 16
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Member History

  • Vo. Motoki → vell → LUCHe.(tohma) → Smileberry(Motoki)
  • Gt. ritsu → Rose valley → yukilein(support) → REPLICA → Cherry(support) → GEARE(support), Anride(support) → LucaRia → Smileberry
  • Ba. NoA → Smileberry
  • Dr. Rio → T@Planet → GAGASmileberry

Former members:

  • Gt. paru → Vanish → Varbarossa → LUCHe.(nozomi) → Smileberry(paru) → ?
  • Ba. yuna → TiRaRa → ZEAK → LUCHe.(yutaka) → Smileberry(yuna) → ?
  • Dr. charlie → EVE(support) → SEEK OF LIBERTY → tomodachi(support) → LUCHe.(Rino) → Smileberry(charlie) → ?

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