Matenrou Opera’s Europe Tour has been cancelled.

[Edited June 15th 2017]

Matenrou Opera’s Europe Tour has been cancelled. According to their own webpage, decision has been made due to security issues and the fact that Europe has suffered from several terror attacks lately.

From Matenrou Opera’s webpage:

In light of the current situation in Europe, with rising difficulties facing personal security and promoter operations,
after much hard and long deliberation, we, band members and staff, decided our highest priority must be the unconditional safety of our fans.
As it is, and as it stands, with uncertainty abound, we deeply regret the decision to cancel all dates on the European tour .

Regarding ticket refunds, the promoter will make an official announcement, so please stay tuned.
Matenrou Opera and Bellwood Records apologize for any inconveniences this causes.

Matenrou Opera and Bellwood Records are not responsible for any personal expenses related to this tour cancellation.

Matenrou Opera
Bellwood records

[Edited June 19th 2017]

B7Klan has commented the cancellation:

B7 is very sad to inform we had to cancel the upcoming european tour planned for Matenrou Opera. Despite the band efforts and our promotion we must face a pity reality. We have been working J-Rock and Visual Kei for 10 years and for us this is a very sad ending. We hope for a new interest of Visual Kei bands in the future to allow them to tour Europe again in good conditions.
People who bought tickets for Matenrou Opera show can request reimbursement in the places where they bought them.
If needed, you can contact us at
Once again, we thank Matenrou Opera for their understanding and we adress our sincere apologises to the fans.

[Original post Feb 5th 2017:]

Matenrou Opera comes to Europe this summer! Tickets will be released on February 10th at B7Klan’s webpage!


Ticket release: February 10th 2017

June 30th – Hensiki, Finland (Gloria)
July 1st – London, UK (The Underworld)
July 3rd – Cologne, Germany (MTC)
July 4th – Wroclaw, Poland (Firlej)
July 6th – Munchen, Germany (Feierwerk)
July 8th – Paris, France (La boule noire)
July 9th – Amsterdam, Netherlands (Melkweg)
July 11th – Moscow, Russia (Club Moskva)

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Matenrou Opera (摩天楼オペラ)

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Matenrou Opera (摩天楼オペラ)

Debut: May 4th 2007

template official homepage
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Vocal: Sono (苑)
Vocal: Sono (苑)
template-cakeDec 18th
Bass: You (燿)
Bass: You (燿)
template-cakeOct 30th
Keyboard: Ayame (彩雨)
Keyboard: Ayame (彩雨)
template-cakeAug 28th
Drums: Yuu (悠)
Drums: Yuu (悠)
template-cakeJuly 29th

Member History

  • Vo. Sono → GRIDE → Jeniva, King Back → Matenrou Opera
  • Ba. You → Endless Vanity(曜) → S.D.I(YO) → Sirius(support/Yo) → GRAVE SEED → Matenrou Opera(You)
  • Key. Ayame →  outburn! → Ry:dia(Soh) → Matenrou Opera(Ayame)
  • Dr. Yuu → GRIDE → Marge Litch, Jeniva → Materpiece, GRAVE SEED, Jeniva → GRAVE SEED → Matenrou Opera

Former members:

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