LM.C comes to AnimeFest in the US this summer!


LM.C will perform at AnimeFest 2017, for the convention’s 25th anniversary.

Date: August 17-20th
Place: Dallas, Texas, USA
Price: $50 ($60 when first tickets are sold out)

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LM.C will perform at AnimeFest 2017

AnimeFEST is a four day event, which is held in Dallas, Texas from August 17-20 in Dallas, Texas. This will mark the fifth year since LM.C’s last performance in the United States. While at the convention, LM.C will hold a 60 minute concert and participate in a Q&A panel and multiple meet and greets. More details about the schedule will come in the near future.

AnimeFEST takes place at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, with the concert being held at the Majestic Theatre. Early bird passes, good for all three days, can be purchased at the discounted price of $50. Once tickets sell out at this price they will increase to $60.

LM.C’s appearance at AnimeFest 2017 is presented by Chaotic Harmony Imports.

About LM.C:
LM.C is a “New Century Electrock” unit that consists of two members: maya (vocalist) and Aiji (guitarist). On October 4th, 2006, their debut singles, “Trailers[Gold]” and “Trailers[Silver]” were released simultaneously and were followed with appearances on the covers of a several music and other magazines.

After conducting three world tours, the band celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2016. They continuously conduct live performances not only in Japan but also overseas.

About AnimeFest:
AnimeFest is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization for fans of anime. Our mission is to educate the public about Japanese anime, comics, music and related pop culture. Our primary activity is to host an annual convention at the end of summer in Dallas, Texas.

Source: Haley Marinovich PR

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LM.C stands for: Lovely-Mocochang.Com
Formed: August 12th 2006
Debut: September 3rd 2006

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Vocal & Guitar: Maya
(Yamazaki Masahito) (まぁや)
Maya | LM.C
template-cakeJuly 30th 1979
Guitar: Aiji
(Mizui Shinji) (あいじ)
Aiji | LM.C
template-cakeNov 17th 1974

Member History

  • Vo. Maya → sinners → Ishihara Gundan (Miyavi support band, Gt.) → LM.C
  • Gt. Aiji → SIAM SHADE(roadie) → MONALIZA(哀) → KALEN(AI) → Pierrot(Aiji) → PIERROT LM.C

Support members:

  • Dr. Kaede → FAT BUG → test-No., LM.C(support) →  test-No.(kaede), THE GALLO
  • Ba. HIKO → YANKEE ROSE → vogue → nuvc:gu → THE SPIN[2] → LM.C(support) → SPEED-iD
  • Dr. DEATH-O → LM.C(support) → ?
  • Vj. ENKI-MAN → LM.C(support) → ?
  • DJ. Jay-Kay → LM.C(support) → ?
  • Ba. EVAKAN → LM.C(support) → ?

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