NEW BAND: acephale (Newcomers or oldies?)

acephale is a new band that will have their live debut on July 24th at OSAKA RUIDO. They first appeared on internet wearing these clown masks and people has been speculating about who they really are. They are probably not new to the scene.

acephale (アセファル)

You can listen to a sample of their song “INNOCENT” in this video. In comparison to many other visual kei singers, this vocalist’s voice is a bit special.

Recently, the vocalist face was revealed online.

Vocal: yume (夢)

As well as his birthday and blood type. My first idea was to use this information to find out who he is. But the only jrock vocalists with the same birthday and blood type that I can find are the following:

  1. Ryuji (龍寺) (ex-Zoro, now in whitehead)
  2. Aka (ex-2nd Dyz)
  3. howl (ex-MUKURO)

Since jrock artist photos often are heavily retouched, it’s a bit hard to recognize people with different kind of makeup. What do you think? Can any of these 3 people be yume? I find a slight resemblance between yume and aka, but aka’s voice aren’t the same

yume (夢)
Ryuji (龍寺)
yume (夢)
Ryuji (龍寺) (ex-Zoro, now in whitehead)
Aka (ex-2nd Dyz)
howl (ex-MUKURO)

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acephale (アセファル)

Debut: July 24th 2017

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yume (夢)
hikaru (ヒカル)
ren (レン)
takuya (拓耶)
Vocal: yume (夢)
Sep 24

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  1. I’m almost certain that’s Aka. I thought it couldn’t be him since their facial structure is different in the photos, but after rewatching 2nd Dyz PVs, they do have very similar proportions.

  2. I also think it’s Aka because he has a unique face type, and after listening to an excerpt from the song I have no more doubts. Your blog is great, it’s helping me to meet many new bands. Thank you ^^

    • His cheekbones are very prominent and I thought it wasn’t him because of it but you can see where Yume hair stops just below his eye, you can see very prominent cheekbones as well.

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