“TRIGGER feat. J” by lynch (FULL PV)

lynch. will release their new EP “SINNERS – EP” on May 31st! Here is the full PV to the track “TRIGGER feat. J”!
See all posts about the EP here!


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Debut: August 2004
Temporary hiatus: November 2016
Comeback: February 2017

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Hazuki (葉月)
Vocal: Hazuki (葉月)
template-cakeDec 10th 1982
Lead Guitar:
Reo (玲央)
Lead guitar: Reo (玲央)
template-cakeNov 3rd
Rythm Guitar:
Yusuke (悠介)
Rythm guitar: Yusuke (悠介)
template-cakeMay 10th
Asanao (晁直)
Drums: Asanao (晁直)
template-cakeJuly 12th

Member History

  • Vo. Hazuki → KUSSE → Berry → deathgaze → deathgame → lynch.
  • Gt. Reo → Lustair → kein→ GULLET → deathgame→ lynch.
  • Gt. Yusuke  → HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ(Hisui) → lynch.(Yusuke)
  • Dr. Asanao  → Sicstar! → deathgame → lynch.

Support members:

  • Ba. Akinori  → ASS’n’ARRow(Akino) → meth.(AkN) → lynch.(support/akinori) → lynch. → ?
  • Ba. Junji → Uma(jyunji) → gossip(support) → lynch.(support) → ?
  • Ba. Hikaru → ANGERA → Vizell → lynch.(support) → ?
  • Ba. Yukino→ Theia → Risk → kein(Gu.→Ba.) → deadman → GULLET → deathgame → lynch.(support), the God and Death stars → the studs(Ba.) → dim my division(Vo.&Gu.)→DIMMDIVISION.(Yuki Amano) → DIMMDIVISION.(Vo.&Gu.), StrangerSaid., HOLLOWGRAM(Ba.Yuki)

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