“Achillea” by Bankitai (single details)

Bankitai released their single “Achillea” (アキレア) on May 10th.

Single: Achillea (アキレア)
Bankitai released their single "Achillea" (アキレア) on May 10th.Release date: May 10trh 2017

1. Achillea  (アキレア)
2. Battle (バートリ)


Bankitai (万鬼隊)

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Bankitai (万鬼隊)

Debut: April 7th 2017

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Vocal: Gin (ギン)
Vocal: Gin (ギン)
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Guitar: Soara (奏新)
Guitar: Soara (奏新)
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Guitar: Takuto (卓斗)
Guitar: Takuto (卓斗)
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Bass: Kokoro (心)
Bass: Kokoro (心)
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Drums: Byaku (白)
Drums: Byaku (白)
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Member History

  • Vo. Gin → Xenoblood(sow) → Bankitai
  • Gt. Soara → cafe shandy → NIL VANISH → Milia∞(Soar@) → Bankitai
  • Gt. Takuto → cafe shandy → MajestiC → Bankitai
  • Ba. Kokoro → Vernal Sense → toumei sekai(support) → CLear → Bankitai
  • Dr. Byaku → Make → VOLGA → BK69, Antikythera, orchestral the ambient carnival U, Zeroth → HOMUNCULUS(Siro) → Bankitai

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